Should I Use Facebook Ads or Twitter Ads?

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   Once you’ve decided that you are ready to invest in online marketing campaigns to expand your business, you have to decide which platform you want to start with. Or maybe you’ve worked with several platforms but only want to focus on one. Which is why clients ask us all the time if they should use Facebook Ads or Twitter Ads. Facebook and Twitter’s ad systems have some similarities and some differences. They both give you the option to have your ad appear as content in with ... READ MORE

Find Your Target Audience with Facebook Ads

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Connecting with the right audience on Facebook is the most important factor in whether or not your ads campaigns are ultimately successful. If you don’t get your ad to the audience that would be interested in your product and your business, it doesn’t matter who saw it—they aren’t going to convert into sales, leads, or likes on your Facebook page. You need to find your target audience with Facebook ads in order for your campaigns to succeed. Finding your target audience is often ... READ MORE

Multiply Your Leads with LeadPages

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Converting leads into clients is difficult enough, especially when the pressure is on to get the sale. What comes before that can be just as difficult. Finding good, reliable leads can be just as difficult as turning them into clients, and it’s the first step in a long process. LeadPages is a software company that can you generate leads swiftly and efficiently. LeadPages has multiplied our number of leads while we’ve been using their services. We have gotten over 10,000 e-mail ... READ MORE

Get Big Results Fast With FB Ads Formula

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I’m sure you’ve seen us advertise our Facebook Ads Formula, whether on Facebook, our blog, or in our newsletters. It is the most purchased and most recommended service that we offer. We are all very passionate about the FB Ads Formula, and we’ve seen it work for clients in huge varieties of industries and businesses. The Facebook Ads Formula is a program Ryan developed, using years of experience and successful case studies to maximize profits and ROIs using Facebook’s Ad ... READ MORE

Profit with Affiliate Marketing on Facebook

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There’s more ways to make money on Facebook than by just gaining clients in the long-sell of branding on social media. You can actually make money directly off of Facebook if you know what you’re doing. Affiliate marketing on Facebook can be profitable if you have the right strategies in place. Affiliate marketing is when a publisher (the party that gets paid) advertises a link for another party (the one that pays), and is often paid for direct results. In this article, we discuss both ... READ MORE

Should You Buy Likes on Facebook?

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We’ve been asked this one question a lot recently. Should I buy likes on Facebook? The answer to this question is very easy and is more absolute than almost every other aspect of online marketing. That answer is no. No. Don’t do it. Do not buy Facebook likes. We wholeheartedly recommend steering clear of buying likes on Facebook, and we have good reason. There are a lot of great ways to increase likes and engagement on Facebook, but buying likes is not one of them. What “Buying ... READ MORE

Target Local Business With Facebook Ads

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While a great number of businesses are focusing on expanding nationally or internationally, not all businesses can provide a product online. This is especially true for services. Doctors, babysitters, lawyers, and mechanics (particularly those working for or running small businesses) can not provide their product or services to someone far away. Whether this describes your business perfectly, or if you just want to increase local business—maybe you want to increase local traffic to your ... READ MORE

Put Social Media Content on Auto Pilot: Rignite Review

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Online, content, and social media marketing, as we all know, has a lot more to it than just running a basic ad and immediately seeing results. It’s a big task, one big enough that companies have started hiring staff members (sometimes multiple staff members) to be responsible for different aspects of managing campaigns. But what if it was easy, and you could set up your social media content on auto-pilot for the next year with no overhead?? In order to help our team and campaigns flow ... READ MORE

Make Our Content Marketing Strategy Work For You

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How You Can Replicate Our Success As of this past year, we’ve been focusing more and more on content marketing and our content marketing strategy. This goes without saying that we rethought and developed a new, strong content marketing strategy and made sure it was the very best it could be. For a video overview, we have a great video on Youtube.  Content marketing is relatively free, unless you’re paying a copywriter and/or website developer. Even so, it’s a good investment, as it ... READ MORE

How to Promote Your Post

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With organic reach declining, it’s becoming harder to ensure that your fans will see the content you post on your page. In order to combat that, companies on Facebook have increased their use of Facebook's Ads system. But what about a regular post that you want to make sure gets seen? That’s where promoted posts come in. When you decide to promote your post on Facebook, you are taking part in part of Facebook’s Ad system. You pay to make sure that your post is seen as much as ... READ MORE