Facebook’s New Publishing Features Combat Declining Reach

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Facebook has one more change for 2014 it seems, and they’re ending the year by giving Page administrators an early Christmas gift with new features designed to make the post publishing process easier and more effective for businesses. Facebook’s new publishing features are all things to be exciting about, as it will give Pages more influence over who among their followers see their posts and when they see them. With organic reach continuing to decline, these new features are exciting and ... READ MORE

What’s Changed in 2014: Getting Ready for the Facebook of 2015

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The Facebook Changes of 2014 One thing you can rely on with any aspect of online marketing is that it’s going to change all the time, sometimes it seems even from day to day. Facebook is no different, and part of the reason they stay at the top of the social media marketing (and social media advertising) world is because of their commitment to creating the best platform possible by continually improving it. We’ve seen a couple big changes that have happened or will be happening through ... READ MORE

Retargeting on Facebook Ads

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Targeting is one of the most complex aspects—if not the single most complex aspect—to consider when you’re running your Facebook Ads campaigns. The sheer number of options alone you have to choose from when targeting can easily become overwhelming. Knowing the right time to target what users can become even more complicated. When is the right time for targeting or retargeting on Facebook Ads? There is a time for both original targeting and retargeting on Facebook Ads, and it’s ... READ MORE

The Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Ads

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To help make the process easy, we've created our Facebook Ads Do's and Don'ts. When you’re learning the Facebook Ads system, it’s important to know what you should do and what you shouldn’t do. While the system is extremely complex with a lot of nuances, there is a clear list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to Facebook Ads. This list doesn’t cover everything, but these are do’s and don’ts that you should stick to 99.99% of the time. Facebook Ads Do's: Research your target ... READ MORE

How YouTube Can Revolutionize Facebook & Content Marketing

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Why You Need To Start Marketing on YouTube Using videos for marketing, especially when using YouTube as a social media platform, is a great strategy for boosting both your content marketing and your Facebook marketing. Any time you can add an extra platform to your marketing efforts, it will likely have a positive result. You increase your chances of connecting with new users, and you sometimes have to create additional great content to do so. The more platforms you’re on, the ... READ MORE

Facebook Reducing Promotional Posts in Newsfeeds

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In an event that will likely shock no one, Facebook is making another big change to its system that will directly affect how a lot of advertisers on the site do their marketing. Starting in January (post Christmas shopping/marketing craziness), Facebook intends to heavily cut back on posts that are overly promotional in nature. This reduction does not include ads, which makes sense, as ads are purely promotional-- that's the point of an ad, after all. The cut back is only going to be on ... READ MORE

URL Tagging on Facebook: Tracking Ads with Google Analytics

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Using URL Tagging to Track Facebook Ads  Did you know that you can tag your Facebook Ads with a URL tag that will send information back to Google Analytics? Because you can. As if the conversion tracking pixel didn't already offer enough great insight, Facebook and Google have made sure that you can get reports from Google Analytics on your Facebook Ads, too. This is going to open up conversion tracking to another level, helping you measure the effect of your ads on your business more ... READ MORE

5 Deadly Sins Adwords Consultants Commit…Daily

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I spend a lot of time auditing accounts for prospective clients, and I get to see a lot of different things.  Sometimes I see some really great campaigns and pick up some pretty cool tricks and strategies.  But what I find more often than not, are poorly designed campaigns that are wasting money.  Some of the worst accounts I've seen are actually being managed by professional companies.  So I've compiled a list of five of the deadliest sins that I see by professional Adwords ... READ MORE

Go-To Guide to Building Your Brand on Facebook


An increasing number of people are using Facebook and other social networking sites as a search engine in lieu of Google (though traditional search engines, especially Google, are still dominating). Your business needs a Facebook Page now more than ever. It is now mandatory to have one, and more than that, you can—and should—use it for serious marketing efforts. While a lot of advertising that happens on Facebook involves the paid ad system, you can do a lot of marketing work for free ... READ MORE

How Facebook’s Conversion Pixel Works : Everything You Need to Know

Facebook’s conversion tracking pixel is one of the most important tools you can utilize when you’re doing any kind of marketing using Facebook Ads. It makes sense that we have a lot of people asking us how Facebook’s conversion tracking pixel works. We’ve talked about Facebook’s conversion pixel a lot, including how to install it (which you can see here), but we’ve never gone into quite this much detail about how it works. So, we set out to compile everything you need to know ... READ MORE

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