How to Track ROI on Facebook Ads

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It can be difficult to know whether or not your marketing campaigns are actually bringing in a profit. It is important to know, though, if that last $600 and all those hours you spent on your last Facebook Ads campaign was profitable or a waste of money. For the long term success of your marketing campaigns, it is crucial to know how to track ROI on Facebook Ads. Why It’s Important to Track ROI If you don’t know whether your ads are producing profitable results, you’re taking a shot ... READ MORE

How to Create a Successful Facebook Landing Page


A prevalent myth in social media marketing states that large corporations would be the only recipients to ever benefit from creating an attractive landing page. However, building a landing page can be useful for any type and size your business is in. Whether you’re a large or small business, landing pages are essential in your brand’s value and success. What is a Facebook landing page? A landing page is an app previously known as custom tab, which allows you to have a certain degree of ... READ MORE

Facebook’s New Ads Campaign Structure

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Facebook recently updated their campaign structure again in September (which finalized in October), and we’ve been keeping an eye on those adjustments in structure to see how it would affect our campaigns overall. With changes making a definitive, all around appearance in the beginning of this month, we now have those answers. This is especially prevalent and noticeable when creating an ad in Power Editor—you actually need to create or select the campaign and ad set before you can create ... READ MORE

Google Adwords Callout Extensions


All You Need to Know about AdWords Callouts Adwords has recently introduced callout extensions. Just like the other Ad Extensions that Adwords offers, there are huge advantages when you ad the Callout extensions to your ads. What Are Callouts? The Adwords Callouts added feature is helpful for Adwords users in order to give their visitors a bit more information about their business. This information can increase sales and a customer’s understanding of their message. Like the name implies, ... READ MORE

CPM vs CPC: What Facebook Bidding Strategy Works Best?

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One aspect of Facebook ads that can be especially confusing—especially for beginners—is the concept of bidding strategies. It can be difficult to grasp exactly what you’re paying for, and how much you’re paying for it, leading to advertisers quickly skyrocketing past their budgets without even reaching their advertising goals. When choosing your bidding strategies (your choice being CPC, CPM, and Optimized CPM), you are choosing how you want to spend your money on Facebook. You are ... READ MORE

Facebook Image Dimensions

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Can't keep up with all the changes on Facebook? We wanted to help out, so we created a simple way for you to see the latest Facebook Image Dimensions by giving you this visual cheat sheet. Whether it's an image for an Ad, your profile page, or your fan page, these are the current up-to-date image dimensions on Facebook. We will make sure to keep it updated as changes will occur in the future! If you find this to be valuable, please let us know in the comments below so we can create more ... READ MORE

Facebook’s Ad Approval Process and How it Works

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We get asked a lot of questions about Facebook’s Ad approval process, likely   because it seems there aren’t many reliable answers to be found. Even those experienced in running Ad campaigns sometimes face confusion when the approval process doesn’t go quite as it had in the past for them. Some of the most frequently asked questions include how long it takes to get your ad approved, and what happens if its been “x amount of time” since submission? Is it an algorithm that approves ... READ MORE

Adwords Quality Scores 101


AdWords Quality Scores 101 Quality scores dramatically impact ad effectiveness and their cost per click. If you’re trying to get the most out of your pay per click (PPC) ads, understanding the value of your quality score is essential. Basically, it has nearly the same power as your credit score; it is the determining factor on how much you pay for each click and whether your ad is performing as successfully as you’d like. Since quality scores hold so much weight in the realm of online ... READ MORE

Which Facebook Targeting Option Works Best For Your Campaign?

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We love Facebook’s targeting options, especially because there’s so many of them. It seems like any audience you want to target, you can. We can thank Facebook’s dedication to constantly improving their targeting system for that. Having all these options are fantastic—you can target just about anyone you want. They can be confusing, however, especially when you’re trying to decide how to target users for new campaigns. Do you target current customers from your e-mail list, or ... READ MORE

How to Deliver Highly Targeted Ads with Partner Categories

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Facebook has rolled out tool after tool after tool to make targeting in their ad system more targeted. Custom audiences, lookalike audiences, and custom audiences from a website are all relatively new and exciting tools. They continue to provide advertisers with new ways to reach their desired audience, and Partner Categories is no exception. Partner Categories is a targeting tool that gives you a new method of targeting potential fans and customers. It takes a method of targeting long used ... READ MORE