Target Similar Users with Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences

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We have talked about Facebook’s custom audiences in the past, a tool which enables you to upload a list of specific individuals as an audience for your Facebook Ads campaigns. Facebook’s lookalike audience takes this feature a step further to help you find new users that are similar to those you have already successfully established a relationship with. Lookalike audiences pulls all of the demographics and specifications from your custom audience, and then targets new users with those ... READ MORE

How to Navigate the Power Editor on Facebook

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Facebook Ads is a system that can take some getting used to. It takes time and patience to set up campaigns, especially once you’re looking at split testing and/or managing multiple campaigns. Facebook’s Power Editor is designed to simplify that process, and we are extremely grateful for it. Power Editor is, at its core, a tool to create and manage Facebook Ads in bulk. It is specifically designed for those who do large amounts of advertising on Facebook. Even if you aren’t someone who ... READ MORE

Worried About Adwords Click Fraud?


Worried about Adwords Click Fraud? This is a question I’m often asked by new and potential clients. A surprising number of potential clients are very concerned about people, especially competitors, fraudulently clicking on their Adwords ads and wasting their money. Adwords click fraud is a very legitimate concern, especially when you’re in a competitive niche or market and have a high cost per click. Fraudulent traffic could be crippling to a small business with limited marketing ... READ MORE

How To Create the Ultimate Facebook Page

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Facebook has quickly risen to one of the top spots in platforms among businesses trying to build their brand, audience, and customer base, so creating a Facebook Page is more important now than ever. In the past few years, we’ve seen entire job positions open in businesses for “social media analysts” and “social media managers.” Managing a business’s social media reputation can actually be (and frequently is) a full time job position. This alone shows the magnitude that social ... READ MORE

Facebook is Getting Rid of Click Baiting

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First Facebook makes an announcement that they are banning like-gating; now they are determined to get rid of click baiting as well. While the like-gating announcement will be more likely to affect a larger percentage of us marketers, understanding the cut backs on click baiting is important, too, and it may affect some of us just as heavily. Any time Facebook announces changes to the algorithm it is important to take notice. With both of these changes rolling out, it’s obvious that ... READ MORE

7 Easy Steps to Eye-Catching Facebook Ads

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Having great sales copy is unbelievably important, but the first step to drawing in your customer is through the visual, the image on the ad itself. Having a stunning (or at least interesting), eye-catching Facebook ad is the first step towards getting them to convert into fans, leads and even sales. Creating eye-catching ads is how you actually catch your customer, and without a visual appeal, your ad won’t get the time of day, no matter how great your copy, offer, or product is. It won't ... READ MORE

Facebook Bans Like-Gating: What it Means

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Facebook recently announced that they are doing away with like-gating. On Facebook, like-gating is the practice of offering incentives for users to like their Page or to use social plugins. Like-gating is also sometimes referred to as “fan-gating.” Sometimes this is done through contests, where users need to like a page before they can enter for a chance at a prize; sometimes this is done during promotions and campaigns that promise a free sample, or perhaps a product like an e-course, ... READ MORE

Should I Use Facebook Ads or Twitter Ads?

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   Once you’ve decided that you are ready to invest in online marketing campaigns to expand your business, you have to decide which platform you want to start with. Or maybe you’ve worked with several platforms but only want to focus on one. Which is why clients ask us all the time if they should use Facebook Ads or Twitter Ads. Facebook and Twitter’s ad systems have some similarities and some differences. They both give you the option to have your ad appear as content in with ... READ MORE

Find Your Target Audience with Facebook Ads

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Connecting with the right audience on Facebook is the most important factor in whether or not your ads campaigns are ultimately successful. If you don’t get your ad to the audience that would be interested in your product and your business, it doesn’t matter who saw it—they aren’t going to convert into sales, leads, or likes on your Facebook page. You need to find your target audience with Facebook ads in order for your campaigns to succeed. Finding your target audience is often ... READ MORE

Multiply Your Leads with LeadPages

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Converting leads into clients is difficult enough, especially when the pressure is on to get the sale. What comes before that can be just as difficult. Finding good, reliable leads can be just as difficult as turning them into clients, and it’s the first step in a long process. LeadPages is a software company that can you generate leads swiftly and efficiently. LeadPages has multiplied our number of leads while we’ve been using their services. We have gotten over 10,000 e-mail ... READ MORE