How to Successfully Host a Facebook Contest

This company shared a user's photo showing her prize, reminding users they can win, too!

Contests have long been a favorite marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes and fields. Social media has the ability to take contests another step further, allowing companies to promote them on more platforms. Facebook has been especially popular to host contests on, and we’ve all seen them over time. Some complain that they are a lot of work or not profitable, but that’s only true if they’re not executed correctly. There’s certain measures you can’t take to make sure that ... READ MORE

7 Practices to Guarantee Facebook Ad Conversion

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Conversion is the goal. Conversion means all sorts of good things for your business, and when we send out our ads into that dark abyss of the Facebook world, we aren’t doing it for fun. We create ads with the goal of conversion in mind. We can be hoping for all sorts of things: more likes, engagement, sales, downloads of apps, etc. We try as hard as we can to make sure that our ads have good conversion rates, or that the desirable action we seek is taken. In past posts we’ve talked ... READ MORE

Never Have Your Facebook Ad Rejected Again

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Nobody likes rejection. It especially stings after you’ve put time, effort, and money into something. A lot of users have asked us why their Facebook ads are being rejected. Facebook sends an email to users after their ads haven’t been approved, but sometimes they don’t seem to clear up too much. In order to maintain their own reputation and profitability, Facebook has terms for those who advertise with them.   Why Your Ad Was Rejected Have you found your Facebook ... READ MORE

How to Craft the Perfect Facebook Offer

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Do you like getting things cheaper than what you would normally pay? Of course, right? So does just about everyone else. That’s where Facebook Offers can play a role in your Facebook marketing campaign. Expert and beginner marketers alike have all flocked to Facebook, practically salivating at the thought of all those users and the Ads targeting system. As competition in both content and advertising has skyrocketed on the social media site, however, companies and marketers are being ... READ MORE

Get that Connection: 7 Tips on How To Better Reach Your Fans On Facebook

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First you made your Facebook page exactly how you wanted it; it was all set to be consistent with your brand and you were ready to promote your business. Then Facebook users started liking your page, essentially subscribing to everything you would post. You get to share your great content with them, and they don’t have to pay. That’s great! But what happens next? It can be difficult enough trying to get people to your page and then to like it. The work isn’t over then, though. You ... READ MORE

Facebook Custom Audiences: What They Are and How to Make Them


We’re always talking about how to best reach and connect with  your target audience. So much stress is placed on making your Facebook pages and landing pages strong enough to convert first time visitors into long time clients. We are putting huge emphasis on finding new members for our audience, expanding our reach, and continuing to grow. This is obviously an important task. That’s why there is so much focus put around it. But what about the audience that you already have? The people ... READ MORE

Facebook’s Audience Insights : What You Can Learn About Your Audience and How to Use It

Facebook's Audience Insights Feature

Facebook’s unbelievable targeting system can help put your ad in front of the direct audience you’ve chosen to be ideal. Sometimes, though, the results from these ads come up a little short. Maybe there is little to no interaction, or limited conversion. Maybe click through rates are dismal at best. Either way, money and time and effort can all go down the metaphorical drain all too quickly, even if the misstep is only a slight one. When this is the case, or even when you are having ... READ MORE

Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Ads

Responding to customer posts shows that you value their input.

It sounds easy enough. You build your Facebook page, set a budget, pick your target audience and let Facebook do the rest. Right? Wrong. A lot of people make the mistake of assuming Facebook will bear the biggest brunt of the work. Nope. That’s still on you. Those that make this mistake are the ones sometimes come to believe that they’ll only lose money instead of make it using Facebook’s Ad system, or that the Ads would only work successfully for big companies. This isn’t true. ... READ MORE

Mobile Traffic Is Overtaking Desktop Traffic Right Now

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We have all seen the projections that show mobile traffic increasing like the true juggernaut that it is, projected to skyrocket right past desktop Internet traffic by this summer. It’s official. It’s happened, and it's happening. It is now here. Mobile and app usage has now surpassed desktop Internet usage. Mobile traffic is overtaking desktop traffic right now. For just one second, think about how many times we check our phones. We check it for texts, phone calls, emails, social media, ... READ MORE

4 Businesses Doing Online Marketing Right

Zappos is perhaps most famous for mastering customer service.

4 Businesses Doing Online Marketing Right-- And What You Can Learn From Them Every concept is simple in theory. Understanding a concept, however, is very different from actually executing it in reality, let alone executing it successfully. SEO and online marketing are not even necessarily easy concepts to grasp, and especially when you’re first starting out, it can be a struggle to successfully see it through. Some businesses have managed to do just that. Here I've compiled a list of ... READ MORE