Why You Need YouTube Ads

If you made it here to read this, you are asking yourself, why do you need YouTube Ads anyway?

Here’s what Tech Crunch said about YouTube Ads last year:

“…Huge, under-tapped & powerful — and right now, cheap…”  – Tech Crunch

And it’s not just them. Here at Rhino Web Consulting (RyanShaw.Me), we have ran millions in paid ads and have a very close pulse on the industry. That’s why we only focus on YouTube Ads. Its just that powerful, that there is no need to focus outside of it.

Here’s just a few main benefits of how a YouTube Ad campaign will impact your business:

  • More Leads. You can capture email / phone or any data you want from anyone who clicks on your ad.
  • Branding. Millions of views can be captured with every ad that you run.
  • Only Pay for true views. You don’t pay if they skip the ad right away.
  • Sales. We are getting up to a 2x ROAS for clients within the first 24 hours of their campaigns starting. It’s not just about leads and branding, but we are getting profitable campaigns through the door every day.
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