Don’t Lose All Your Money Running Facebook Ads in December 2020

If you made it here to read this, you are asking yourself, why do you need YouTube Ads anyway?

Thinking about running ads in December??

Think again.

“…Black Friday just ended…. and this is the worst time of year to get commitments”  – Ryan Shaw

And it’s not just here at Rhino Web Consulting that thinks this. In fact, most agencies agree with me. Avoid spending a lot on cold traffic during this month. Instead focus on your Jan 1st strategy.

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Try YouTube Shorts

YouTube has announced its new TikTok rival, YouTube Shorts, which it will begin beta testing in India initially. The short-form video is experience is “for creators and artists who want to shoot short, catchy videos using nothing but their mobile phones.”

Similarly to TikTok, users will be able to upload 15-second or less short-form videos using a new set of creator tools, including a multi-segment camera, speed controls and a timer feature to record hands-free. Shorts also allow users to access a music library of songs and to record using music.

For the moment, YouTube is testing the new feature in India, where Chinese-owned TikTok is already banned. India was TikTok’s biggest foreign market, with an estimated 120 million users. Jaffe said they will add more features and expand to more countries in the coming months as they learn from users.

The news comes after US technology company Oracle confirmed it is now TikTok’s “trusted technology partner” in the US.

YouTube is encouraging mobile creators to start uploading their existing short videos on YouTube today to start getting discovered. If you have access to the Shorts camera, you can hit the +plus icon to get started, then choose “video.” For Android users in India, the “create” icon can be found at the bottom of the navigation bar for easier access.

To use shorts outside of India, just tag your videos as #Shorts in the title or description. These will be tested on the new YouTube home page, along with other short vertical videos.

If you want to get started today with YouTube Shorts, you can today.

I’ll be playing with them myself to see if I can get free traffic with just using the hashtag #shorts and waiting for the results.

I do like TikTok’s easy to use video creation app for fun, but I prefer YouTube for my business.

You can see my YouTube video about Shorts here.

Why You Need YouTube Ads

If you made it here to read this, you are asking yourself, why do you need YouTube Ads anyway?

Here’s what Tech Crunch said about YouTube Ads last year:

“…Huge, under-tapped & powerful — and right now, cheap…”  – Tech Crunch

And it’s not just them. Here at Rhino Web Consulting (RyanShaw.Me), we have ran millions in paid ads and have a very close pulse on the industry. That’s why we only focus on YouTube Ads. Its just that powerful, that there is no need to focus outside of it.

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We have launched our new website!

My website over at RyanShaw.Me has definitely changed over the years.

This is latest update. From 2012-2016-2018-2020. This is a brand new beginning.

In the past, I’ve branded this website as a blog for internet marketers. It covered a lot of things. Then in 2015, we rebranded the website for just Facebook Ads. Now, we are doing a new rebranding to just YouTube Ads.

Better to be really good at one thing than to be a jack of all trades in the digital marketing space in today’s world. What was okay in 2012 or even 2016, is not okay in 2020.

I expect more from myself, and I want better results for my customers & clients at our agency.

Through great adversity, comes a great rebirth.

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Recruiting has begun

Recruitment has begun as of June 1, 2020 here at Rhino Web Consulting LLC (

We are looking to talented digital marketers across the world & especially here in SE Asia to grow our agency and courses.

“If you are not growing your business daily, it’s decaying. The key is to be nimble and adapt to the ongoing changes that the digital world throws at us.” – Ryan Shaw

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