How to find Creative Commons Material using YouTube

Ok… to be honest.. this has been covered before. But I didn’t have a clue on this.. so I did some research into how I can pull video footage from the internet and use it for my own Youtube videos, vlogging, and video editing purposes.

I have an Iphone X, Go Pro 7. But I don’t currently have a digital camera or a drone; so I am limited to what I can do with video.

So; I’m lazy. Naturally, I want to find video that is already done for me.

I’m here recording video currently in Bali. I noticed people flying drones over me while I sat on the beach, went to a nice lookout spot, and I saw other people’s Go Pro’s at the beach.

I started wondering.. hmm… Can I just ask them for all their video footage??

I don’t want to spend $2,000 on video equipment, spend weeks learning it all, and weeks more going around to record footage if I don’t have to.

How can I find Creative Commons Material using YouTube??

I just did a few Google searches to start off. Found some things. Ok. Here’s the short answer.

#1 Youtube Search

It’s simple. Just click on creative commons in the YouTube Search. I found 100’s of videos just for Bali.

Now all the videos in the search will be licensed under Creative Commons.  Note this will return all Creative Commons licensed videos, so you will need to be sure to check out the particular licence and abide by its conditions.  For more information on Creative Commons licences and their conditions, see the ‘What is Creative Commons?’ Information sheet.

Now, you just need to download the videos you want.

How to find Creative Commons Material using YouTube

#2 Creative Search

This is in beta. I am just testing this out today as I write this. This is a search engine which is perfect if you are also searching for images and other media outside of video.

I recommend saving this link as well. I found millions of amazing images with the ability to use them. Wow. So cool!

#3 Stock Footage Search

There’s so many websites that offer stock footage. The problem is that most cost money. That’s why I am using Youtube mostly for video footage now. Stock video footage is okay; but of course its very generic.

I found some free videos; but they usually only have a few available.

Final Assessment:

Youtube search is the best to find videos for your next video project. Just make sure to follow the guidelines.

How to Download Your Youtube Videos

There is a few ways to do this.

The way I currently found to do so is with YouTubnow.

It’s simple; just copy and paste your Youtube video link and you are done.

Just make sure to organize all your video downloads as they can easily pile up hah. 🙂

I hope you found that finding Creative Commons Material using YouTube is easy and effective.