5 Ways to Generate Leads on Instagram

Do I Really Need Instagram? Before we jump head first into generating leads on Instagram, let’s first talk about why Instagram matters. “There’s already a ton of social media networks, why do we need one more?” – I hear this quite frequently. I’m sure you do as well or maybe have even said it. Heck, Read more about 5 Ways to Generate Leads on Instagram[…]

Facebook’s Ad Approval Process and How it Works

We get asked a lot of questions about Facebook’s Ad approval process, likely   because it seems there aren’t many reliable answers to be found. Even those experienced in running Ad campaigns sometimes face confusion when the approval process doesn’t go quite as it had in the past for them. Some of the most frequently asked Read more about Facebook’s Ad Approval Process and How it Works[…]

Build Trust in Your Brand Using Social Media

Building trust and rapport with customers (and potential customers) is crucial when you’re creating and reinforcing your brand. It converts visitors into new clients and existing customers into loyal ones. Social networking sites are more up close and personal by nature, and constantly updating Facebook and Twitter with blatant advertising isn’t the way to build Read more about Build Trust in Your Brand Using Social Media[…]

Facebook Marketing New Approach

Facebook Marketing is a new approach of social media marketing mainly using Facebook as the primary tool of business. Facebook marketing promotes your business in many different options on Facebook.  Managing thru different FB Ad’s software will definitely help you on your ongoing business or new business. Benefits of Facebook Marketing. Provide Brand Awareness By Read more about Facebook Marketing New Approach[…]

7 Tactics to Earn Links through Students & Universities

 Positioning yourself from competitive market, building great content, approaching a webmaster for a link– these things don’t happen in the blink of an eye.  But I’ve established an excellent way to work on link building campaigns that takes less time to get more traffic. Getting links from university websites like .edu are always helpful and Read more about 7 Tactics to Earn Links through Students & Universities[…]

6 Tactics to Initiate a Conversation on Social Media

For a medium that is supposed to be intrinsically social, much time can be spent on social media without having meaningful conversations. This is particularly so for businesses and brands, where many use social media platforms not necessarily to be social, but to broadcast their message. While you certainly can publish great content, sit back Read more about 6 Tactics to Initiate a Conversation on Social Media[…]

Which social media road will you take?

Social media road map By Margie Jordan By now you’ve heard stories about the positive impact social media marketing is having on the sales of many businesses. In fact, many marketers have acknowledged that social media is now a crucial piece of their strategy. But creating a Facebook page or Twitter account is easy; providing Read more about Which social media road will you take?[…]

How to Leverage Facebook.

Content marketing is all about creating relevant and compelling content in order to change or enhance consumer behavior that’s favorable to you. And where else to better utilize this strategy than in a billion-people social hub that is Facebook? So read carefully and jot down these important tips that will surely help your brand with content marketing. Read more about How to Leverage Facebook.[…]

6 Social Media Jobs That Will Be Big In 2014.

Social media has transformed the way people socialize, network and stay in touch. We’ve seen large social networks like MySpace and Friendster come and go, and other ones like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and LinkedIn completely transform and redefine our online trends. One thing is abundantly clear: social media is now necessary for global commerce, and Read more about 6 Social Media Jobs That Will Be Big In 2014.[…]

3 Social Media Marketing Tips For 2014

2013 was truly a social year. New social platforms continue to emerge, and budgets have swelled, as more companies are beginning to embrace social media presence. A reported 78% of companies now have a dedicated social media team. It’s safe to say that Twitter isn’t just for discussing what you had for lunch for marketing professionals, Read more about 3 Social Media Marketing Tips For 2014[…]