Facebook’s New Ads Campaign Structure

Facebook recently updated their campaign structure again in September (which finalized in October), and we’ve been keeping an eye on those adjustments in structure to see how it would affect our campaigns overall. With changes making a definitive, all around appearance in the beginning of this month, we now have those answers. This is especially Read more about Facebook’s New Ads Campaign Structure[…]

Facebook Image Dimensions

Can’t keep up with all the changes on Facebook? We wanted to help out, so we created a simple way for you to see the latest Facebook Image Dimensions by giving you this visual cheat sheet. Whether it’s an image for an Ad, your profile page, or your fan page, these are the current up-to-date Read more about Facebook Image Dimensions[…]

Facebook’s Ad Approval Process and How it Works

We get asked a lot of questions about Facebook’s Ad approval process, likely   because it seems there aren’t many reliable answers to be found. Even those experienced in running Ad campaigns sometimes face confusion when the approval process doesn’t go quite as it had in the past for them. Some of the most frequently asked Read more about Facebook’s Ad Approval Process and How it Works[…]

Which Facebook Targeting Option Works Best For Your Campaign?

We love Facebook’s targeting options, especially because there’s so many of them. It seems like any audience you want to target, you can. We can thank Facebook’s dedication to constantly improving their targeting system for that. Having all these options are fantastic—you can target just about anyone you want. They can be confusing, however, especially Read more about Which Facebook Targeting Option Works Best For Your Campaign?[…]

How to Deliver Highly Targeted Ads with Partner Categories

Facebook has rolled out tool after tool after tool to make targeting in their ad system more targeted. Custom audiences, lookalike audiences, and custom audiences from a website are all relatively new and exciting tools. They continue to provide advertisers with new ways to reach their desired audience, and Partner Categories is no exception. Partner Read more about How to Deliver Highly Targeted Ads with Partner Categories[…]

BANNED: UID Scraper + Facebook?

Should I use a UID scraper with Facebook? It seems to be the question on everyone’s mind this year with Facebook. With the recent crackdowns on Facebook UID tool owners over the past 3-6 months, it seems like Facebook is saying no to all tools that allow you to get any UID data from Facebook, Read more about BANNED: UID Scraper + Facebook?[…]

Target Similar Users with Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences

We have talked about Facebook’s custom audiences in the past, a tool which enables you to upload a list of specific individuals as an audience for your Facebook Ads campaigns. Facebook’s lookalike audience takes this feature a step further to help you find new users that are similar to those you have already successfully established Read more about Target Similar Users with Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences[…]

How to Navigate Power Editor on Facebook

Facebook Ads is a system that can take some getting used to. It takes time and patience to set up campaigns, especially once you’re looking at split testing and/or managing multiple campaigns. Facebook’s Power Editor is designed to simplify that process, and we are extremely grateful for it. Power Editor is, at its core, a Read more about How to Navigate Power Editor on Facebook[…]

Facebook is Getting Rid of Click Baiting

First Facebook makes an announcement that they are banning like-gating; now they are determined to get rid of click baiting as well. While the like-gating announcement will be more likely to affect a larger percentage of us marketers, understanding the cut backs on click baiting is important, too, and it may affect some of us Read more about Facebook is Getting Rid of Click Baiting[…]

Get Big Results Fast With FB Ads Formula

I’m sure you’ve seen us advertise our Facebook Ads Formula, whether on Facebook, our blog, or in our newsletters. It is the most purchased and most recommended service that we offer. We are all very passionate about the FB Ads Formula, and we’ve seen it work for clients in huge varieties of industries and businesses. Read more about Get Big Results Fast With FB Ads Formula[…]