Facebook Killing Fake Likes With a Passion

We, like almost every other marketing expert out there, have said for a long time that fake likes on Facebook doesn’t do any good for your campaign, and that it can in fact harm it.

Facebook is taking the issue seriously and has started killing fake likes like it’s their passion. We’ve seen reports of Pages having these fake likes slashed in great numbers, and it’s nice to see that Facebook is taking action on something they believe is hurting their system (which they continually do with updates to their algorithms and rules).

What Defines “Fake Likes”

There are a ton of sites online that offer the opportunity to buy likes essentially in bulk. You pay $50 and you get 5,000 likes, for example. To find these sites, all you have to do is Google them, and a ton will pop up in your search results.

The problem with buying fake likes is that they’re just that—fake. Most of the profiles aren’t even real people; they are computer-generated, and the profiles will never have any purpose or interaction on Facebook except to look pretty and like a whole bunch of Pages.

Even on the 1% change that these likes are actually real people, the like you’ve bought from them is still an empty, fake like. Their accounts were likely hacked in order to get that like. Even if they weren’t these people likely aren’t at all interested in your, your business, or your content, and they’ll never interact or read your content. All they are is a number on your page, but it’s one that ultimately hurts you, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

What Motivated Facebook to Kill Fake Likes

Despite the warnings and cautions of how bad fake likes can actually be for your Page, it seems that a lot of businesses either weren’t listening or weren’t paying attention.

Back in October of last year, Facebook admitted that it had a pretty big fake likes problem. And by pretty big, we mean huge.

Facebook has been working hard to make sure that the only likes on a businesses’ Page—and on a user’s profile—are relevant ones. They want the user to like the Page only if the content actually interests them and is something they want to see frequently (or at least occasionally) in their Newsfeeds.

Facebook also uses user engagement as one of the main factors in determining the quality of a Page. If your user engagement is comparatively low but your likes are crazy high, you’re looking at a reduction in priority for appearing in the Newsfeed. This can keep great Pages from having their content shown, and Facebook doesn’t want that either.

Facebook is killing fake likes by flagging and deleting accounts that have gone on a spree of liking Page after Page without much other interaction and activity on their profiles.

Fake likes can be difficult to detect, as there are “fake like” companies that actually pay real works to create accounts and manually make the likes, which makes it more difficult for Facebook to detect them. Having the system flag accounts with mass amounts of likes over a short period of time is how they’ll catch them.

Why Facebook Killing Fake Likes is Good

Facebook killing the fake likes will be a good thing overall, including for those Pages who have purchased the fake likes.

The biggest problem for fake likes is that it has a horrible effect on your Page, particularly in your reach.

Facebook uses an algorithm called EdgeRank that helps them decide and prioritize what content users most want to see.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 9.19.51 PM

One of the most heavily weighed factors in EdgeRank is user engagement—the amount of user engagement on posts and content. If you have a ton of likes but little to no engagement, you’re ranking is going to drop. What this means is that even the users who do want to see your content are less likely to see it.

Let’s do the math. If you have 10,000 fake likes and 1,000 real ones, and your content is only being shown to 1,000 people, how much do you want to bet only a small portion of your real fans will see your content? Once your EdgeRank ranking drops, this number drops even more.

At the end of the day, having a ton of fake likes can end up dropping your rank, keeping the users who want to see and engage with your content from seeing it. Since one of the biggest advantages to having a Page is to show users free content in the form of posts, having a ton of free likes just to make your Page look popular was never worth the payoff.

It’s all about connecting most with the users that matter– Facebook targeting fake likes will help businesses do that.

The Potential Downside

This is good news overall and once everything settles down it will likely all be for the better (I would be astonished if it wasn’t), but I’ve already seen glimpses of a current problem with execution.

I’ve seen a few businesses and marketers that are claiming that due to their Pages genuine popularity, they garner a large to massive number of likes every week or month, and Facebook has slashed their numbers down to next to nothing compared to what it was.

Part of this may come as collateral damage. While these fake profiles are being fleshed out, they might have a mass spree of liking other Pages to make some of their paid likes to seem realistic. These Pages who never purchased likes—but ended up in the crosshairs—will see the effects of this issue.

If you see that this is happening to your Page and you haven’t purchased fake likes, the only thing to do as of now would be to contact Facebook directly and as why and try to get everything sorted out as soon as possible.


Overall, this is going to level the playing field, and hopefully too many Pages won’t get hit with the collateral damage of having real, actual likes be taken away or reduced mistakenly as a few marketers have claimed to have already experienced.

It will be good in the long run even the for the businesses who stubbornly insist on making their page seem “fuller” and more popular with a lot of likes, not realizing the detrimental effect buying likes actually has on Facebook.

To see more about how to be successful with Facebook Ads, make sure you take a look at our FB Ads Formula to increase ROIs.

FB Ads Formula; Facebook killing fake likes
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What do you think of this news? Has your Page taken any accidental hits? Leave a comment and let us know!

Should You Buy Likes on Facebook?

Should I Buy Facebook LikesWe’ve been asked this one question a lot recently. Should I buy likes on Facebook? The answer to this question is very easy and is more absolute than almost every other aspect of online marketing.

That answer is no. No. Don’t do it. Do not buy Facebook likes.

We wholeheartedly recommend steering clear of buying likes on Facebook, and we have good reason. There are a lot of great ways to increase likes and engagement on Facebook, but buying likes is not one of them.

What “Buying Likes on Facebook” Means

Buying likes does not mean using the ad system. I’ve seen some confusion over this, where page owners think that “buying likes” means using the Facebook Ad objective to increase page likes. While technically you are paying for those potential new likes, “buying likes” is an entirely different practice.

When someone talks about buying likes, the ad system is not involved. There are third party companies that will actually sell you likes on your page. Sites like “buyfansmedia.com” promise 2,000 likes for just $17. And there’s a long list of those sites, all you have to do is Google them.

To those who are new to the social media world, this might seem like a great bargain and a fantastic way to kick start your Page and campaign. It is not.

Most of these sites do deliver in the fact that they give you the product they’ve promised. They do get you those 2,000 fans on Facebook.

Those fans, however, are not necessarily the ones that you want. These sites, after all, offer no guarantee that these fans will be in your target audience. The majority of these sites actually use fake profiles—they aren’t real people, even if the sites promise that they are. They are just numbers to add to your page.

Why People Decide to Buy Likes on Facebook

When businesses are just getting started on social media, Facebook can seem daunting. You’re patient for a little while, and then it becomes discouraging when no one but your mother is liking any of your posts.

Businesses most often buy likes in attempt to bolster the reputation of their page. They want it to look popular.

It’s easy to think that having a massive amount of likes will give both your page and your business a nice, hefty side of credibility. After all, how would a substandard company get over 2,000 likes after just joining Facebook a few months ago?!

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Likes

Unless you just want to look really, really popular (hey there, high school!), you’re wasting money. That’s the simple reason why you shouldn’t buy likes.

Purchased likes will not become customers (especially since they’re likely not real people), and it is highly unlikely they will help you get new customers. Buying likes is a throwing away money, not an investment.

You aren’t gaining clients relevant to your business. Sure, your numbers have gone up, but in the reality of the Facebook world, that doesn’t necessarily mean as much as you might first think.

Sure, you want a lot of fans on your page, but they aren’t doing you much good if they aren’t active fans. They won’t interact with your posts or share your content, two of the most important things fans on any social media site can do. Users coming to your site are likely to notice that it’s pretty vacant and without a lot of activity despite a large fan base.

It’s much more important to build your brand and your Page on Facebook instead of a pointless false number. You want to get to interact with people who are interested in your business, not to spew out content no one but you will either care about see.

Even if these likes happen to be real people (which they very rarely are), they are still incredibly unlikely to interact with you on your page. The reason why is simple.

Just because you got an added 2,000 likes on your page doesn’t mean a single one of those new fans are actually interested in your field of business or product at all. They don’t care about what you have to say or the content that you’re posting.

Those likes really are just a number, and they’re not beneficial ones, especially considering that your actual likes may be drowned out by fake ones, and your true followers aren’t the ones who see any of your promoted posts.

Facebook actually developed an algorithm called EdgeRank to help them decide if your content is what certain users will most want to see. Edgerank takes user engagement heavily into consideration.

EdgeRank buying likes

If you have a lot of fans but very little engagement, your ranking on EdgeRank goes down, causing you to run the risk of your content not showing up even to the few real fans that you do have. Your social media campaign efforts—and the money you spent buying likes—would have meant very little when it came time for results.

The Right Way to Get Likes on Facebook

There are other great, white hat ways to increase likes on Facebook—the kind that will actually be beneficial to your business. Spoiler alert—none of them include purchasing likes outright.

Sure, a lot of these methods will take a lot more time and effort. That old saying that nothing good ever came easy? It’s true on social media as well, but the important thing is that those likes will come with the right strategies and a healthy dose of tenacity in place.

So what are they?

  • Use the Ad System. Yes, this is still in a way paying for likes on Facebook, but this is a good, honest strategy that will help you get relevant likes. There is an objective in the Facebook Ad system that revolves entirely around getting more likes for your page. You get to target only the users you think would be in your ideal target audience, and you will could even be pay less than buying irrelevant likes outright.

You can learn directly from us on how we build out our fan pages with a ton of targeted likes that convert into sales within our FB Ads Formula.

Buying likes on Facebook
You can choose “Page Likes” as an objective for your Ads.
  • Invite users to like your site. Invite those users who you think would actually want to see your content- invite those who are relevant to your business. If you’re looking for quick, easy numbers, invite all your friends from your own Facebook page. Even if they aren’t necessarily your ideal target audience, they will still be more likely to interact with you and share your content, spreading good word of mouth about your business.

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 1.55.41 PM

  • Promote your page cross-platform. Have a link to your Facebook page on your main website, on your blog, on your Twitter, on your YouTube. Have it everywhere, and advertise it in store if relevant. The more people see it, the more they are to actually visit it and like it, especially since users already on your site are likely interested in your product and what you have to say. They’re definitely more likely to be interested than people who don’t exist.

Don't buy likes on Facebook

  • Create contests or offers. Both contests and offers can be set up so that users are encouraged or required to like your page before participating in them. Users are more likely to interact with your posts when they feel there is something directly beneficial for them to do so. You can even use promoted posts through Facebook’s Ad tool to help these exciting opportunities reach new users.
  • Have great content. It sounds easier than it is sometimes to continually create great content that stands out, and yes, it does take a long time to build those organic likes just with great content alone. But it has been done and can be done by you. Consistency in both quality and frequency of content is important, and overtime you’ll reap the sweet, sweet fruits of your labor.