Lina Trivedi – Wordbotic Review

There is a brand new software out that, full disclosure, I am using, testing, and promoting called WordBotics created by Lina Trivedi.

Who is Lina Trivedi?

I first met Lina Trivedi at a business conference in North Carolina in 2011. It was the first Warrior Forum event I ever attended. The crowd was very different from any event I had ever been to before. Lina was one of the few people I picked from the crowd to interact with and we quickly became friends.


One of the first things I noticed is that she ran her business with extreme detail to customer service and had some of the highest integrity I have ever seen in our industry.

I know if I work with people with integrity, my own business can benefit as well.

Lina also taught me the important of customer support and personal care. I have seen her go above and beyond other product creators. I have seen her get on the phone with customers and spend time that she did not need to do.

Going above and beyond the call on customer support is what I saw. I even made a joke about how she works harder than anyone to support her customers. Late nights past midnight almost on a daily basis working with them.

I told her she needs to charge more for all of this support and her products hah 😉

Lina Trivedi has continued to be a leader in our industry with integrity and if there is anyone I could pick out of a crowd of product creators in the internet marketing community, it would be her.

So, when she came to me with her new product Wordbotics, of course, I was interested.

I am not really into the Kindle niche or book writing to a major degree, but I do know it takes so much work to write a book. I have written my own ebooks , blog posts, and articles over the years.

What is Wordbotics?

Simply; it is software that guides you in writing your own ebook / kindle and helps you publish it.

If you are planning on writing a book, publishing anything on kindle, releasing a book on amazong, or writing a PDF / Ebook; Wordbotics is a tool that I can highly recommend.


First, Lina is a master programmer and she knows this niche better than anyone. She knows the product and created the solution for herself in mind.

I highly recommend Lina’s products in any case. However, in this case, this is her best product that she has ever put together by far.

I would call Wordbotics her flagship product.

Even people like Russell Brunson and Click Funnels are trying to copy this software and release their own version.

Lina has been working on this software for years with multiple beta releases and thousands of people purchasing and really releasing their books.

This is not a fly by night product, nor a product that has terrible customer support and use.

People are really publishing books using Wordbotics.

That is why I recommend Wordbotics. If customers are really using your software and getting results, that puts you way above most of the software that is available for purchase.

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Lina Trivedi is a Web developer and community college educator in the areas of financial planning, professional development, marketing and e-commerce. She specializes in small business development and through her classes, she educates her students on how to launch small businesses utilizing the Internet.