How YouTube Can Revolutionize Facebook & Content Marketing

Why You Need To Start Marketing on YouTube

Using videos for marketing, especially when using YouTube as a social media platform, is a great strategy for boosting both your content marketing and your Facebook marketing.

Any time you can add an extra platform to your marketing efforts, it will likely have a positive result. You increase your chances of connecting with new users, and you sometimes have to create additional great content to do so. The more platforms you’re on, the better.

marketing on YouTube
We’ve drastically increased our YouTube marketing efforts with great results.

Aside from the notion of adding another marketing or social media platform for your business, YouTube in particular offers distinct benefits for Facebook and content marketing.

It is because of this that you need to start marketing on YouTube as soon as possible if you haven’t already.

To see our video overview of this post, you can watch our YouTube video below.

Keep reading to find out exactly why, and how you can get started on a YouTube marketing strategy without too much of a hassle.

Why YouTube Matters for Your Content Marketing Strategy

We have recently altered our content marketing strategy to incorporate more YouTube videos, and with good results so far. We’ve had such good results increasing our marketing on YouTube that we’re making the transition from weekly videos to almost daily videos.

One of the reasons for us using YouTube heavily in our content marketing strategy is because of YouTube’s high priority ranking with search engines like Google.

YouTube has this high priority ranking because of their high website and domain authority, and many experts believe that website authority is the factor that weighs most heavily in search engine rankings.

youtube marketing
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YouTube’s website authority is listed at 100; this is the absolutely highest value that you can have. To see more about website authority, click here.

By us uploading videos to YouTube, we gain several benefits. The first is that high search engine rankings apply to individual YouTube videos. If our video matches a search in Google, it has a good chance of showing up high in the search engine.

The second benefit is that embedding these videos in our blog posts boosts the SEO rankings—and overtime hopefully our page authority—of our blog posts and main site itself.

The videos we create on YouTube often directly tie in to blog posts we’ve either recently created or are going to create soon, and linking the two together (posting links on YouTube to the blog and embedding the video in our posts) boosts video views and blog posts when users we aren’t yet connected to find our videos on YouTube and click to the blog.

marketing on YouTube
Videos embedded into our blog posts help boost the post in search engine results.

As we’ve increased our uploads on YouTube, we’ve gotten more clicks to our blog. We’ve also seen increases with our SEO efforts, gaining more search engine traffic than ever before. Marketing on YouTube has helped us to see an increase in traffic, and with our content marketing strategy being a priority for us right now, that’s huge.

Why YouTube Matters for Facebook Marketing

Facebook recently announced that with videos having increased amounts of views and engagement, videos would get priority in their highly competitive Newsfeed. Videos even start playing—albeit silently—if you hover over them long enough, a great way to capture users’ interest.

videos on Facebook
This video of two puppies playing got eight times the engagement and three hundred percent more shares and comments than the same page’s still image of the same puppies.

More videos are being given higher priority, both by Facebook and by users. As of a statistic several months ago, twice the number of users are watching videos than six months before.

You can use these videos to get more in-depth than you may normally be able to on Facebook. Users can get the information without being tempted to give up on a too-wordy post, and they don’t even have to click away from their Newsfeed.

You can even run Facebook Ads designed to get views on your videos—that should signal how important videos can be. Facebook is also providing video metrics in Insights, giving you the same analysis on videos as all your other posts.

videos in Facebook Newsfeed
An example of the analysis Facebook is providing in their video metrics Insights.

Videos are shown most frequently to those most likely to watch them; this is good news for you, allowing the content you post to be shown to those most interested in it.

How to Make the Hassle-Free YouTube Videos

Our current YouTube marketing strategy—a major part of our content marketing

Camtasia video editing software makes the sometimes complicated process of video creation and editing much, much easier. That’s what I use, that’s why Ryan uses, and trust me when I say I went through multiple video editing software’s and was about to pull my hair out until I got this one. For the record, we are not an affiliate for Camtasia, I just strongly recommend it.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 3.53.30 PM
Camtasia is unbelievably user-friendly, even for those of us not blessed with advanced technological abilities.

Videos that are short, three to five minutes, are easy and quick to make, even with editing involved. These are also ideal for distribution in your Newsfeed and on blog posts—they’re long enough to get a point across and be memorable, but short enough that you decrease the risk of losing viewers’ interest.

We use YouTube to inform viewers, to teach them just like in our posts, services, and products that we offer. Some marketers use YouTube to entertain, and that works too. Whatever works best for engaging your audience and providing value to them should be your strategy when making videos.

For more tips on how to up your YouTube marketing game and see more results quickly, you can see our popular blog post on the subject here.


With videos having a high priority in Facebook’s newsfeeds, edging out competition, and with YouTube having a high priority in search engines like Google on their results page, it makes sense to create YouTube videos to boost both your content marketing and Facebook marketing strategies.

Again, our results with increasing our YouTube marketing have been pretty clear so far. Because of our own results, we wanted to share the wealth of knowledge with other users. Having a presence on another platform to connect with new users, as well as giving yourself a channel to provide more value to all of your users, is always great, but when combined with the boosts for Facebook and content marketing, YouTube can be an invaluable tool if used correctly.