“Website Custom Audience” My First Glance


Here’s Something New Again with Facebook: Website Custom Audience Feature.

Facebook did changes again! This time its called Website Custom Audiences, it will affect the interaction between the users and the ads that is more specific from each other. Facebook’s WCA will target a certain specific user population and will correlate it to a certain ad that is unique for them.

So in simple terms, WCA is Facebook’s custom audiences ad-targeting feature to websites and mobile applications.

Web Custom Audience also has new calls to action buttons shop now, learn more, sign up, book now and download located at the lower right hand portion of page post ads.
Facebook’s WCA will work like this: You could create a list of people who visited your business’ website (coming from anywhere) over the course of 30 days, or 160 days, or 180 days and from there you could target a Facebook Ad at them based on where they trafficked to within your site.

Cool right? But will it really work and target the right user population and live up to the hype?

It can because Facebook will let you create WCA ads for yourself and you yourself can actually select users for that ad. You will have the opportunity to really handpick the right users for the right ad. Chances are, you can never really go wrong with this unless you accidentally pick a certain user for a wrong ad.

Using Website Custom Audience with Power Editor.

Open Power Editor

1.Look and Click ‘Create Audience’ and locate   ‘Website Custom Audience’.

2. Create a name for your Website Custom Audience ( WCA ).  And also create a brief description.

3. The ‘Contains’ field is where you will be pasting your website address. website page or landing page.

4. You can also choose ‘And’, which allows you to capture traffic from multiple pages for the same Website Custom Audience.

5. Duration is the time frame where you gonna be able to target people who visited your website.
Duration time options are 30 days default, 160 days and 180 days.

6. Okay when done filling in the choices above, click ‘View Code’ and copy it between the <body> and </body> tags of your website’s code.ov. Paste the code to the body of your website.

7. When your finish pasting the code to the body of your website, Go back to Power Editor and click ‘Create Remarketing  Audience’ .

8.The system will start compiling your website traffic. and your done.

Note: Please see screenshot below.











Website Custom audiences for websites and apps will be available with Power Editor, Ads Manager, And Facebook’s ads application.  And we should take advantage on this said feature because according to Fast Company, 93% of marketers use social media to promote their business.