Multiply Your Leads with LeadPages

Converting leads into clients is difficult enough, especially when the pressure is on to get the sale. What comes before that can be just as difficult. Finding good, reliable leads can be just as difficult as turning them into clients, and it’s the first step in a long process. LeadPages is a software company that can you generate leads swiftly and efficiently.


LeadPages has multiplied our number of leads while we’ve been using their services. We have gotten over 10,000 e-mail subscribers while using their forms, so we can happily vouch for the success rate of their product and say definitively that it does indeed work.

Due to our big success with this software, we want to share the wealth of knowledge so that you can start getting those leads, too.

6 Basic Principles of LeadPages

LeadPages operates on the “95% and 5%” rule. Studies have found that 95% of sales, leads, and conversions come from about 5% of the web pages on any given site. They have found this to be true with their own business and with many businesses of their customers.

LeadPages was developed to help you create those 5% of pages. They came up with 6 basic principles that they wanted their pages to have in order to make lead generation and landing page creation easier than ever.

  1. Ability to create mobile responsive web pages quickly. They aim to do this in just a mere matter of minutes, with the site able to be published on any server that offers the option of publishing a webpage on. The idea is to point, click, and be done.
  2. Having a large variety of landing pages available for any situation. They have pages available for lead generation, webinars, increasing subscribers, advertising ebooks, and so much more. These pages are all easy to publish, only requiring a few clicks. They are just as easy for clients to download.
  3. Ability to know which landing page templates are more successful with conversions across platforms. LeadPages gives you the ability to sort all templates based on conversion rates.
  4. Make any link on any website an opt-in box. We use this feature a great deal, and it has provided us with a long list of leads and interested clients. You can make any link on any website trigger an opt-in box. You can do this anywhere that you can post an html link.
  5. Provide incredible analytics that are easily accessible. LeadPages cuts out a lot of the tedious, laborious steps that often come with conversion and website tracking. LeadPages takes care of tracking conversion rates and assembles all of the information for you in an easy-to-read format, and you can use their analytics in conjunction with any other conversion tracking/analytics tool you choose (such as KISSmetrics or Google Analytics).

    LeadPages analysis
    An example of LeadPages’ Analytics
  6. Provide Easy Split Testing. We know what a pain split testing can be, but that it’s an important practice in order to continue to optimize pages for conversions. LeadPages changes that, offering a split testing tool that only takes 5 clicks to set up.Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 12.55.57 PM

Some of LeadPages’s Best Features

Aside from the 70+ templates for landing pages, LeadPages has a lot of other really great features. You can create and deploy high converting landing pages in just a few minutes, sure, but they offer a lot more than that. Some unique features include:

  • You can do anything without touching so much as a line of code. For people like me, that’s a blessing.

LeadPages allows you to modify pre-made templates easily, without needing codes.


Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 1.21.48 PM

Easily turns into this:

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 1.22.33 PM

  • Quick and easy WordPress integration.
  • Built-in SEO options.
  • Complete hosting of pages. Any landing page you make with them, they can host on their server.
  • Getting more sales with a 404 Error Page. You can actually turn an error page into one of your highest converting pages on your site.
LeadPages template
404 Error Page Through LeadPages
  • Easy upgrades with page regeneration.
  • Easily duplicate and split test landing pages.
  • All templates are 100% mobile friendly.
  • Toy can boost opt-in rates with two step opt-in forms, which we use all the time.
  • You can build a bigger client list with exit pop-ups.
  • You can use an unlimited number of domains.
  • You can easily integrate your landing page on WordPress or as a tab on Facebook.

For a full list of everything that they can do (a list that continues to grow as they develop new software inspired by new and innovating ideas), you can click here.

Our Success with LeadPages

I mentioned before that we’ve gotten 10,000+ new leads and e-mail subscribers with forms and software from LeadPages. 10,000 subscribers is a massive number, big enough that it can directly affect success and profit in a good way.

We’ve used their template to change our 404 Error page into another chance for conversions (and gotten those conversions).

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 1.27.38 PM

We’ve used templates to create landing pages designed specially to entice users to sign up—and attend- webinars.

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 1.26.01 PM

We’ve seen perhaps our biggest success with LeadPages come from our opt-in forms, which we use heavily on our main site. We’ve had massive increases in subscribers, and later conversions, due to the leads generated with LeadPages software.

You can see in the graph below an increase in subscribers within the first six months we utilized LeadPages (starting in May of 2013).

LeadPages success
May-December 2013

We started using LeadPages a few months after starting our site, and the software helped us gain massive increases.

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 2.26.16 PMBy December, we had hit 4,096 email subscriber sign-ups within six months (a number which accounts for unsubscribing), seeing our leads multiply just from LeadPages.


We highly recommend using LeadPages to create landing pages and to generate leads. We did it, and we love it. And for the record, no, we were not asked to write or post this article reviewing the software; we genuinely think LeadPages is a great product that can help your business grow as much as it helped us. You can click here to get started and to see if LeadPages is the right fit for you.