The State of PPC Ads in 2020

What is the current state of advertising online in 2020?

Whether you are a brand or an agency, its extremely important now to use paid ads as part of your strategy to get customers.

No longer can you just put up a website and expect to build huge without some kind of paid ads strategy.

But what is the best bang for your buck? And where should you spend your ad dollars?

Since 2012, I’ve been running ads online. A lot has changed, but also, a lot has stayed the same.

Still in 2020, search PPC is the giant in the room offering the best results since its very simply driven on search traffic. People looking to buy right now or people looking for more information right now.

Since, 2015, I’ve been deep into social media ads. Facebook Ads mostly. Results can be hit or miss in comparison to search PPC because you are interrupting people versus providing people answers to their searches. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use social media PPC. You just need to know how to target your key audiences. This is where many agencies and brands struggle with.

Since 2018, I’ve been deep into YouTube Ads. I see video ads both on FB and YT as the key spots where you can get cheap ads and millions of video views quickly to your offers.

In 2020, I see video ads, Youtube Ads continuing to grow. Almost no one is doing it in the ecommerce space yet, but this will change this year as more and more ecomm brands are developing cool YT Ads such as dollar shave club.

According to Think with Google, consumers have watched 50,000+
years of product review videos on mobile in the last 2 years and
are 3x more likely to prefer watching a YouTube tutorial video over
reading the product’s instructions.

By 2025, 80-90% of traffic will be mobile and consuming video content.

Ryan Shaw

Things like manychat, chatbots, push notifications, and podcast advertising are still very new and growing. Email and Google Ads are still the giants in the room when it comes to paid ads and communication, but all these AI options and new forms of content like video and podcasting are growing like crazy.

My advice: Get great at the basics of advertising. Learn one or two platforms and master them. (Facebook and Google.)

Then get results for clients and build an agency. Most agencies offer high prices and subpar results. Most agencies dont have more than a couple clients.

Master your craft and grow your business online.. And make sure to follow me for future YouTube videos and posts like this.

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