Using TeeSpring Successfully with Facebook

teespring on facebook

Selling T-shirt designs over the internet has been popular for several years now. There are lots of marketers selling t-shirt designs who have been successful using Facebook.

I’m going to show you how to make $$$ using TeeSpring, Facebook Ads, and Social Lead Freak with a few simple steps and strategies.

I’ll demonstrate how to use Social Lead Freak on Facebook Ads with my Teespring campaign “Bulldog.”

So let’s get started.

What is Teespring?

Teespring allows you to create & sell custom apparel with ZERO Hassle, ZERO upfront costs, and ZERO risk.

Teespring is the best way to design and sell custom apparel online. You design a product and sell it, simple as that. The money made when customers purchase pays for the production of your design, and the costs it takes to ship the apparel to your buyers (which they do for you).

When you use Teespring, you don’t have to pay a dollar upfront, guess how many shirts you’ll need, or have to chase anyone down for cash.

It only takes a small portion of time and some creativity to launch a campaign and start selling  merchandise on Teespring. It costs you nothing.

To see for yourself about the “2 minutes” launching your Teespring campaign, visit their website here for more information.


This Adobe AIR desktop software runs on both Windows and Mac.

Social Lead Freak is the ultimate tool to help you quickly generate leads from Facebook.

Search through FB groups, events, people, places, pages, posts and even G+ activities! Extract members from groups– and attendees of events– with one click and target these leads in your advertising campaigns.

Export the data after sorting and filtering to do further analysis in programs like Excel.

If social media is a marketer’s goldmine, Social Lead Freak is the tool you need to mine for gold, especially when using Teespring on Facebook.

teespring on Facebook

Real Deal for Teespring + Social Lead Freak

So I have a Bulldog Teespring design. Here are my steps how to become a successful Teespring marketer on Facebook. But you must see the screenshot to know what I’m talking about. Here it is:

Teespring on Facebook

  1. Get Social Lead Freak
  2. Search for Facebook pages or groups. (closed groups must be a member first, so just join and wait for confirmation)
  3. Extract user ID’s from Facebook pages and groups about “Bulldog”. Now I have 4,827 real target leads.
  4. Save the CSV file and upload to Facebook Ads Power Editor (custom Audience). See screenshot and steps about about Power Editor below:

Steps for Uploading the CSV file.

teespring on facebook


teespring on facebook


teespring on Facebook

  1. Go to Power Editor
  2. Click the drop down after “Ad Tools” on the upper right corner.
  3. Select “Audiences”
  4. Click the drop down “Create Audiences” and click “Custom Audiences”
  5. Select “Data File Custom Audience” , Enter name and description and upload your CSV file!
  6. Make sure to also use Custom Audience Lookalike.
  7. Run the Ads and start making $$$.


Social Lead Freak benefits:

  • Extract Member IDs From Facebook Groups and Events directly to your computer.
  • Extract FB Emails From Facebook Groups, Events and Pages .. Download Them Easily :-)
  • Pull up all Facebook pages for the keyword(s) you want and filter by how many likes the page has.
  • Search all posts on Facebook to find people who are in immediate need of you and what you sell.
  • Search all Google+ activities in one mouse click.
  • and many more.


Watch The Video Version of Using TeeSpring on Facebook: