BANNED: UID Scraper + Facebook?

Should I use a UID scraper with Facebook?

It seems to be the question on everyone’s mind this year with Facebook.

With the recent crackdowns on Facebook UID tool owners over the past 3-6 months, it seems like Facebook is saying no to all tools that allow you to get any UID data from Facebook, even if you are using the API.

There’s been a new update as of Sept 11, 2014.

uid scraper Facebook

Let’s investigate the Terms of Service: (Link)

Hmm, still confused? That’s okay.

Facebook is basically saying:

#1 – Do not upload emails that you don’t have permission to market to. (Meaning you can only email your opt-ed in email leads. No buying lists and importing.)

#2 – Do no upload UID’s that you don’t have permission to market to. (Meaning the only time you can upload UID’s is if they opted into your list via a FB app.)

We can learn from previous examples when it comes to advertising platforms cracking down, and now Facebook is coming down on people not following the rules and running offers and ads that are deceptive and misleading.

Will Facebook do a sweeping ban on any ad accounts that may be breaking TOS? Perhaps even on many accounts that aren’t breaking TOS?

Why custom audiences aren’t that important anyways

Yes, they will convert like crazy compared to most of your ad campaigns. However, they are usually very small and you just flat out need much more traffic from Facebook that custom audiences often provide, especially since CTR’s fall fast when you target a small audience with the same offer every day.

Over the last year, we’ve personally moved away from relying on custom audiences to only using them for about 10% of our ads. Why?

Because we needed to scale up. CA’s are only so big. To run a successful Facebook campaign, you need to utilize interest and demographic targeting as well to expand past your small custom audiences.

Here’s our brand new model for success with Facebook Ads in our upcoming new course, FB Ads Formula. This is the safest way to run a campaign according to the TOS of custom audiences.

Your most targeted and highest converting traffic will start from retargeting, your email list, and your Facebook fans.

Everyone should be running FB ads to those three audiences. No matter how small you are, just start doing it as it will make you MONEY.

Next is when you add in interest targeting, and then layer it with demographics. We go over this in detail in FB Ads Formula.

Worried about being banned from Facebook?

Worried about being banned from Facebook for running custom audience campaigns?

If you are running a large amount of traffic, you will be looked at.  (Running $1k per day in traffic or more)

If you are only spending a few dollars per month, it’s very likely that Facebook won’t bother you as there are over 1.5 million advertisers and Facebook is looking for those who are abusing their platform on a large scale.

However, if you plan on using FB Ads for you and clients for the long-term like we are :

#1 Avoid using ads and offers that are deceptive.

#2 Do not use any emails or UID’s that you don’t have permission to run traffic to.

If you want to run smaller amount of FB traffic and get very targeted traffic using Custom Audiences, we only recommend one tool to date.

Social Lead Freak

With this tool, you can take the UID’s and upload them as emails to run paid traffic to on Facebook. Be aware that this is the only UID tool still available that is constantly updated and supported to our knowledge and if the training is followed from the product, you can have great success with it when running smaller amounts of traffic.

New Audience Tools in 2014 by Facebook

An additional strategy not shown in this graph is lookalike audiences. Click on this link to learn more about them. We are still testing and will share the results soon.

Our next new feature / tool within Facebook is something I’m really excited about. I used this for the first time just a week ago.

Here’s a short video on where the feature of audience targeting is with Facebook!

uid scraper Facebook

Leave a comment! Share with us your thoughts and what you are currently doing with UID Scrapers and Facebook.

  • Michael

    Thanks Ryan – GREAT Stuff as ALWAYS! Keep it coming. 😉

    • gabriella jaya

      You welcome!

      • Dayana

        How can I get in touch with Ryan Shaw support to get some questions answer? I sent several tickets without answer. I haven’t purchase any product yet but want to. Thanks!

  • Oren

    Hey Ryan

    I want to ask you about the social lead freak software.
    Can I use this software for custom audience with pages and groups?

    I will wait for your answer.

    • Ryan Shaw

      You can’t upload any UID’s to FB any longer without them opting into your FB app.

  • Oren

    thank you ryan on your answer.
    How can I use the option of app?

    Do you mean app -squeezepage in tabs on facebook pages?

    • Yes, any FB app where a person has to accept it on their end. It could be a game, joining a list, etc.

  • Mike

    What? – “Do not upload emails that you don’t have permission to market to.”
    So only FACEBOOK can market to those same “random” emails if they are using their less effective demographic isolation tools? This doesn’t make a lot of sense.

    • Ryan Shaw

      Its because a FB user has agreed upon signup that they will be marketed to in that way. They did not agree to be targeted by email if they have not opted in. Its for legal reason, not because its less or more targeted.

  • Mike

    Ryan – Regarding Social Lead Freak – You say:
    “to our knowledge and if the training is followed from the product, you can have great success with it when running smaller amounts of traffic.”

    What do you consider “Smaller amounts of Traffic”?

    • Ryan Shaw

      Hi Mike, basically anything less than $200 per day isn’t a lot of traffic compared to what some of the big advertisers are spending. ($10k+ Per Day)

      • Dave

        But, basically if you get caught using User ID’s obtained from Social Lead Freak you’ll be banned. Is that correct?

        • Ryan Shaw

          Only if you are abusing Facebook by targeting people with spammy offers. There’s thousands of people using SLF daily and I have never heard of anyone just getting banned for using SLF. I have heard of people getting banned because they are using spammy, MLM, CPA, work from home, type of FB Ad offers.

  • From what I understand, you can still upload targeted email lists.

    I found this guy who created Chrome apps ( where he offers a tool that converts the UID’s to email addreses 🙂

  • Lucy Seo

    i am still using email id’s i wrote a hasher to upload them and it works fine but i was not aware i was not allowed to use it? so sad

    • John

      Lucy, were you using email id’s converted from uid’s? Would you still recommend social lead freak?