How to Craft the Perfect Facebook Offer

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Do you like getting things cheaper than what you would normally pay? Of course, right?

So does just about everyone else.

That’s where Facebook Offers can play a role in your Facebook marketing campaign.

Expert and beginner marketers alike have all flocked to Facebook, practically salivating at the thought of all those users and the Ads targeting system. As competition in both content and advertising has skyrocketed on the social media site, however, companies and marketers are being forced to be creative.

Facebook itself has adapted to the ever-increasing demand to advertise on their company, continuing to offer new and very exciting additions to their advertising system.


One tool that is sometimes overlooked is the Facebook Offers feature, which is unfortunate, because used correctly it can bring around some great results.

What They Are

Facebook Offers are exactly what they sound like. You, as a business, have the ability to post a discount, coupon, or freebie on your Facebook page. The user “claims” the Offer, and they get the code or coupon for redemption via e-mail.

Whole Foods' Facebook Offer
Whole Foods’ Facebook Offer

They are automatically optimized for mobile redemption, giving you one less thing to worry about.

You must have at least 50 likes on your page before you can create an Offer, and in order to do crate an offer you must be an editor or admin of the Page.

You can create an Offer through the ads create tool for free. If you want to promote your offer, you pay depending on how many people you want to reach, must like a traditional ad promotion.

There is no minimum amount that you are required to discount, but it most success clocks in with more substantial discounts of at least 20%.

How To Make Them

In order to make a Facebook Offer, you can start on your Page.

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  • At the top of you’re Page’s Timeline, Click Offer, Event and select Offer.

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  • Fill out all the information. Here you choose:

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-The Title of your Offer (25% Off in this case)

-A more thorough description of your offer (25% Off Your Next Order)

-An image to upload to help capture interest in your Offer

-An expiration date for when your Offer will no longer be able to be claimed

-An audience. You can target by location, selecting cities. You can also sselect See More             Audience Options for more targeting options.

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-A claims limit, which is the maximum amount of users able to claim an offer

-A lifetime budget (In this example, I chose 26$)

-You can view your estimated reach, which changes automatically when you adjust either your budget or your target audience.

  • After everything is set up the way you want, hit Create Offer
  • You can click More Options to add a start date, a redemption link, or any terms and conditions that may be applicable.

You can also go create an Offer from the ads create tool. If you go through the ads create tool, you can create the offer for free (though you will still have to pay to promote it).

  •  Under the Ads create tool, select Offer as your objective.

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  • Just as above, you’ll be asked to select a picture, a title, and add a description of your Offer.

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  • After hitting Next, you’ll be prompted to select an expiration date.

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  • Below the expiration date, you’ll have the ability to add terms and conditions. Under the “advanced options” you can set a claims limit, a redemption link, a redemption code, and a start date.

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In order to track offer claims, you can visit the Offer on your Timeline, where the number of people who claimed your offer will be visible at the bottom of the post. You can also view the Posts section in your time line.

Tracking redemptions is up to you to keep track of, as that is outside of Facebook’s reach. Only your company will know how many claims are redeemed.

Why You Want To Use Them

Facebook Offers works for large corporations and small private businesses alike. It can be profitable for everyone!

Everyone likes saving money. I’m convinced even multi-millionaires holed up in their mansions like to save money, because how else would they have gotten there? Using a discount or a freebie has long been a tactic in order to promote new products, jump start business, or show loyalty.

It’s long been a tactic because it’s a good one.

Utilizing discounts to encourage sales has often worked. New customers may be more inclined to make that first purchase when they see it’s reduced, because it offers less risk. Once they like it, they’re hooked and willing to pay full price.

Offers give you the chance to offer discounts via social media, where they are inherently visible. You have traveled beyond your website, blog, and e-mail campaign and your Offer can be seen by those who haven’t visited your sites previously.

One common question: why not use Groupon?

A big answer: Facebook’s potential reach is better. They provide the potential for your Offer to be both seen and shared more.

Your Offer could pop up in their newsfeed while they are idly surfing. Your Offer goes to them instead of them having to seek it out via a third party site they’re less likely to venture to.

When a user claims an Offer, a story about it will appear on their timeline, making it visible to all of those user’s friends. That’s increased visibility you didn’t have to pay or work for.

This feature puts your exciting Offer in front of only those who want to see it and are most likely to take action on it. It has the potential to be a profitable combination.

How To Successfully Add Them to Your Campaign

There are a few ways you can ensure that your Offer is successful on Facebook. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best tips to make sure your campaign runs smoothly.

  • Promote your offer: Pin your offer to the top of your page, and pay to have it promoted through the feeds by creating an ad for it. Spending money to make money is an investment, and if you’ve planned your offer well, it could prove to be a really good one.
  • Use images of your product directly related to what you’re offering: If you redeem an offer from a restaurant advertising a free dessert showcasing a decadent, six layer chocolate cake, you might be a bit disappointed when you get a fruit and yogurt parfait. I’m all for yogurt and fruit, but not when I’m expecting a heaving hunk of chocolate. Nobody likes a bait and switch. Facebook itself recommends showing users engaging with your product, aka, someone eating that yogurt parfait and smiling like it’s the chocolate cake.
  • Make discounts worth the while: People will be more likely to take you up on your Offer if it’s a good one. If there is potential for substantial savings (often with a free item or a discount of at least 20%), users will be more inclined to participate. Make it worth their while to do so.
  • Set reasonable expiration dates: Give your Offer enough time to be visible, be claimed, and be shared among friends.
  • Encourage users to share the Offer with their friends: This can increase visibility and profitability as your reach expands.
  • Create Offers based on current and seasonal events: Is a holiday coming up? Take advantage of it! A florist could offer Mother’s Day discounts, and a bar could take advantage of St. Patrick’s Day.

This company used the 4th of July to sell its product.


  • Don’t offer too much: Don’t give discounts so hefty your business suffers, or hand out so many that you can’t keep up with the demand or lose profitability. It’s an investment, not a free for all.
  • Know the rules of supply and demand: If you have an Offer that’s in high demand, consider limiting it so that only a few can partake every so often (even if it’s three people every other week) and keep people watching closely for what you post next.