How to Get Your Own Personal Facebook Ads Rep

Get a Personal Facebook Ads Rep with Facebook Go

Haven’t you ever wished that you could get real help from people who know the ins and outs of Facebook Ads better than anyone—the Facebook team themselves?

Now you actually can.

Facebook Go is a brand-spankin’-new resource that provides help to advertisers new to the Facebook Ads system. It’s more than just a tool or a walkthrough guide—you will get advice, help and training from an actual Facebook Ads specialist, trained to help you find success with your Ad campaigns.

Facebook Go


Keep reading (and/or watch our video overview) to see how to get your own personal Facebook Ads rep—one trained by Facebook.

What Facebook Go’s Specialist Will Help You With

When I say you’ll get personal help, that’s exactly what I mean. You will work one-on-one with a dedicated specialist. They will help you with every aspect of your ad campaigns, including helping you with:

  • Developing a unique strategy, customized for you and your business, to maximize your marketing potential on Facebook Ads
  • Understanding and correctly using the best targeting options for your campaigns and your audience
  • Measuring and evaluating your performance, as well as using this information to optimize all future posts.

Particularly for new advertisers—the users this service was designed for—Facebook Go can be an invaluable investment. Facebook Ads can be an incredibly difficult system to find success on, let alone to master, and having a knowledgeable expert to guide you through the process can make all the difference in the world, saving you money and time.

All of this is designed to help you grow your business on Facebook, an affect you’ll feel off-Facebook too.

How To Qualify for your Own Personal Facebook Ads Rep

In order to qualify to get a Facebook Ads rep to work with you directly through Facebook Go, you need to spend at least $25 a day for at least 30 days on your Facebook Ads campaigns. Then, all you have to do is fill out a quick form about you and your Page on their site.

Facebook Go

To find out more and see if you qualify, you can sign up here on Facebook Go’s site.

Who Should Use Facebook Go

While everyone could benefit with some direct consultation from one of Facebook’s trained team members and specialists, this program is ideal for those new to Facebook Ads. That is, after all, who it was designed for.

The system is complex, and trying to figure out the best strategies, the best targeting options, and the best ways to evaluate your ads is challenging at best. Having someone guide you through the process can save you so much money on failed campaigns.

After all, understanding something in theory is great– that’s what some of these posts can help you with. Having a specialist sit down with you and actually pin point exact things you can do for your exact, unique business can increase your chances of success when you hit the ground running.

Will you be using Facebook Go? Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

Edit Update : Feb 28,2020. – Facebook Go is now gone. However, you can still get a Facebook rep if you are well connected and spending a lot of money. I don’t know if there is a current way you can get one easily via Facebook publicly anymore.

Please leave a comment below if you have any information so I can update this article.