Everything You Need to Know about Facebook’s Topic Data

Continuing with their consistent updates, Facebook has announced another great feature to help marketers and advertisers better understand and connect with their audiences (which is good for everyone, the audiences included). This new feature is called topic data, and it was announced in March.

The goal behind this new feature is to make marketing content more relevant for users and more effective for marketers.

What Is Facebook’s Topic Data?

Topic data is going to compile information for marketers about what audiences are saying about all kinds of topics. Marketers will be able to really see what audiences are saying on Facebook about events, brands, subjects, activities, and more. They will get this insight all while users’ personal information is kept private.

The examples Facebook provided regarding topic data include:

  • A business selling a hair de-frizzing product can see demographics on the people talking about humidity’s effects on their hair to better understand their target audience.
  • A fashion retailer can see the clothing items its target audience is talking about to decide which products to stock.
  • A brand can see how people are talking about their brand or industry to measure brand sentiment.

To do this, Facebook is partnering with DataSift, with the focus of turning “data into insights.”

What This Means

In creating topic data, Facebook is focusing on taking data that was previously only available in case studies and sample sizes (often too small to be truly accurate), and applying the idea to gather data from all of Facebook’s content. That’s a much larger (and often accurate) sample.

Facebook's topic data
Image from Facebook.com


This data was only available before from third parties, and it was often expensive for marketers to get their hands on. This isn’t the case anymore (or at least it won’t be soon).

As marketers, we will be able to utilize this information to hopefully create high-value, relevant content for our audiences, both on our Pages and on our Ads.

This information will be useful not only for marketing on Facebook, but for marketing off-Facebook as well. You’ll be able to take this information and apply it to other social media platforms as well as your entire marketing strategy overall.

Our Predictions

As of right now, Facebook’s topic data is only available to select Facebook marketers, like most of new features are when they first get rolled out. We don’t have any set time frame that the majority of Facebook marketers could expect to get access to it, only that Facebook’s plan is to “iterate on topic data thoughtfully and deliberately, and [is looking] to expand it and its availability at a later date.” Because of this, we only really have predictions about the affect it could have.

Until topic data is more fleshed out and developed (and, yes, available to us), we won’t know for sure, but I’m guessing it’s going to be a massive deal and it will be a heck of a lot of help to a lot of marketers.

While this won’t make up your entire targeting strategy for you, it can help you redefine or perfect it, and it will be able to help you create content for your ad that is most relevant to your target audience. Both of these things will only be good.


We’re excited to get our hands on topic data, but what do you think? How do you think it will affect both our content marketing and our Facebook Ads?

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