How to Create a Successful Facebook Landing Page

A prevalent myth in social media marketing assumes that large corporations would be the only recipients to ever benefit from creating an attractive landing page. However, building a landing page can be useful for any type and size your business is in. Whether you’re a large or small business, landing pages are essential in your brand’s value and success.

What is a Facebook landing page?

A landing page is an app previously known as custom tab, which allows you to have a certain degree of control in your brand’s first impression to visitors. Having a Facebook landing page is a great way to generate more traffic to your Page, and even to direct your fans to sites outside of Facebook.

Currently, the default “landing page” for Facebook visitors is the Page’s Timeline.
Infrequent moderation of a Page’s timeline may result in users finding the site at a bad time and they may find spam or negative comments. This is definitely NOT an ideal first impression, and it is a great example of why having a customized landing page is a great idea regardless of how large your company is.

What are the steps on creating a successful landing page?

  1. Have a plan

Decide and define what you want to achieve with your landing page (i.e. have more people interested in your brand by boosting engagement, driving sales, or similarly promoting your latest product offer) and strategize on how you will achieve that goal through benefits like contests or discounts.

  1. Include a Powerful Call To Action (CTA)

A call to actions helps your followers decide to do. Examples of call to action can include: Like this page, watch a video, share this link

  1. Use an eye-catching image.

To create attention and attract more viewers, use interesting clear images or videos. I personally recommend videos at it is a more compelling way to show your product

  1. Have a Unique-Selling Point (USP)

According to Customer Insight Group, 70% of consumers say they follow brands on Facebook for special offers. A great way to present your USP is through exclusivity through constraints like “this time only” or “get this facebook-exclusive deal” which will keep your followers engage and more willing to familiarize with your product and services. Make sure to also use a very strong and descriptive headline for your USP.

  1. Be relevant and provide interesting content

Update outdated content and keep your visitors engaged by regularly adding new material such as videos, photos, competition, or company news. Remember, social media marketing should be about quality not quantity.

Here are a few landing page examples that I liked:


Above and below are two perfect examples of online subscription forms inserted into the Facebook page through Facebook Landing Pages. What I like about Lowe’s is that they offered out-linking social media icons and a lot more energy/creativity compared to Bed Bath and Beyond.


Bed Bath and Beyond did a great job with their call to action (Sign up and Get 20% off). The image is somewhat personalized and there is a small disclaimer below detailing instructions on how customers can unsubscribe at any given moment.


Samsung Galaxy did a great job in enticing followers or those interested about their brand to learn more about their product. There is a creative headline “Do you note”, a compelling video to accompany it and several other videos to engage the audience to learn more about what Samsung has to offer. 


This is an example of a ‘Like Gate’ which ask users to ‘Like’ the page first before they can see your content. It is a great way to get more fans.

Key point: A great landing page should entice consumers and explain the benefits of following or liking the page. Examples of benefits can include: discounts, daily tips, or a chance to win a prize. Remember, your page visitors are already curious about your brand so all you need to do is further their engagement.


How do I build a landing page?

A popular option to create a landing page is through a third party provider. Of course, you can always build your own landing page (given that you have an extensive knowledge of coding), but it is less stressful and more time and cost effective if you go through a third party provider. Some sites I recommend are:

  1. Pagemodo

Did you know that over 10 million Facebook users per month view a page powered by Pagemodo? It’s simply incredible! The site is mobile-friendly, easy to use, and offers both free & paid membership.


  1. Short Stack

If you want to build contests, sweepstakes, and more for your page, then ShortStack is the answer for you! The site is easy to use, has tons of features, and offers both free & paid membership.


  1. Decor Tab Creator

With Décor, you can design a custom Facebook fanpage in minutes. It is one of the best FREE page creation tools out there and very easy to use (no programming needed! Just drag-and-drop control). It even has fully edited templates, and offers both free & paid membership.


  1. Heyo

Previous known as Lujure, Heyo’s brand mantra is: “the easiest way to create campaigns for facebook that are mobile optimized.” They have an impressive client list which includes NBC , Axe and Zumba Fitness and like Pagemodo, Heyo is easy to use and offers like gate technology. It allows you to access all templates including premium, but the site only offers a 7 day free trial.


  1. FaceitPages

Featured in Mashable, FaceitPages offers ‘like-gate’ technology and other useful applications to add to your brand page.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 12.16.50 AM

Our favorite solution however by far is Leadpages. It’s what we have used to deliver over 500,000 page views and its had 100% uptime and the most amount of features and the ease of use is absolutely amazing. Although the options above are all valid choices, we only recommend using Leadpages when working with our clients.