4 Important and Underused Tools on Facebook Ads

It’s no secret that Facebook Ads is a complex system. All those options and all that depth is part of what makes it so great—you can hone your audience and targeting to find the exact audience you want.

All the options can get confusing, and some marketers never really find success with Facebook Ads. Part of the reason this happens is because marketers either don’t know about all the tools they can use, or they aren’t sure which ones they should use and they choose the wrong ones.

There are 4 important tools that are consistently underused on Facebook Ads. This is particularly unfortunate since they can all increase success in your ads campaigns, whether by helping you get that laser sharp targeting or by helping you increase or measure the success of your campaigns.

1. Targeting by Connections

This is a feature that a lot of experienced marketers use when they run Facebook Ads campaigns, but it’s one that still has a tendency to go underused.

Connections are a targeting feature on Facebook Ads that can help eliminate or zone in on very definitive sections of your audience.

When you’re choosing your targeting criteria for each Facebook Ads campaign, you can choose whether you want to target those connected (who have liked) your page, or to target those who haven’t. You can also target those with friends who are or are not connected to you.

underused tools on Facebook Ads

Connections are a major part of Facebook’s targeting system that can help make sure that your ads are reaching the people who will be most receptive to your message. There’s no point in running a campaign to reach new users only to end up showing the ad mostly to users who have already liked your Page.

Similarly, you can target users who have already liked your Page through connections for retargeting. You can give them an extra push to buy or take some other action, and these ads often result in high conversions since you know they’re interested in your business and they’re familiar with.

No matter how you use connections (using connections of your competitors is great for a lot of reasons, too!), using them is smart, period, and can make a huge difference in your targeting efforts. It’s one of the most straightforward parts of targeting on Facebook Ads—make good use of it.

2. Call to Action Button

A surprising number of pages that advertise with Facebook Ads don’t realize they can even add a call to action button to their campaigns. That’s partly because it’s easy to miss and off to the side when creating the ad.

call to action button Facebook Ads

Placing a call to action button on your ad can be that extra push that users need to fully motivate them to take action on what they’re seeing. Sometimes, after all, users just need to have a very clear, concise call to action. Putting it on an easy-to-see and easier-to-click button can make sure they take that action. After all, anything that can help increase conversions is worth a shot, right?underused tools on Facebook Ads; important tools and features

To see how to add a call to action button to your ad (and your Page), you can see our blog post and video walkthrough here.

3. Custom Audiences from a Website

In case you’ve never used it, it’s actually possible to target users who have visited your website without them leaving their e-mail address or having purchased anything from you.

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 7.35.15 PM

You can do this by creating a custom audience from a website. You can install a tracking pixel on your website (including key pages on your website) and then run ad campaigns that are shown only to those users who visited your site.

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 7.35.21 PM

Like connections, this gives you the chance to deliver highly targeted messages to an audience that is already familiar and interested in your product.

While not all Facebook Ad campaigns should be run as retargeting or run to connect with users you’re already connected to (Facebook Ads is good for discovery, too), using custom audiences from a website can boost conversions big time and remind users that you are there and that they should purchase from you and connect with you on Facebook if they haven’t already.

To see more about custom audiences from a website and how to make them, you can read our blog post here.

While you’re at it, lookalike audiences are often underused as well, and they have their own place and value in ads targeting.

4. Conversion Tracking Pixel

We’ve talked a lot about conversion tracking pixels in past blog posts, but this tool still largely goes underused by the majority of businesses using Facebook Ads.

The conversion tracking pixel is one of the most valuable tools you can use on Facebook in general. You install it on your website and connect it to your Facebook Ads, and it will tell you how many conversions each ad is getting. The analysis will also tell you how much you’re ending up paying for each conversion.

The conversion tracking pixel is the best tool out there for measuring ROI. It is the best tool to help you decide the monetary value of your ads, and to help you determine whether what you’re paying for the ads is justified by the sales, leads, or other conversions they’re bringing in.

You can see how to install and use the conversion tracking pixel here, and more about how important tracking ROI is here.


What important tools do you think go underused on Facebook Ads? Do you use any of these tools? Leave a comment and let us know!