Beginner’s Guide Chapter 6: Monitoring Your Campaigns

monitoring Facebook Ads campaigns

Monitoring your Facebook Ads campaigns is how you know whether or not they were successful. If you don’t know whether or not they are bringing in whatever type of conversion that you want (whether that means likes or more traditional conversions like sales), you don’t know whether or not they were worth the money spent.

There are fortunately some great tools to help monitor your campaigns. To evaluate your campaigns as they progress, some of the best and easiest tools to use are the Ads Manager and Insights.

Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook’s Ad Manager is going to be one of your most important tools when you’re monitoring your Facebook Ads campaigns, both while they are still running and after they are over.

monitoring Facebook Ads campaigns

On one screen you can see all your campaigns, ad sets, and ads.

monitoring Facebook Ads campaign

You can stop or restart campaigns at any point, and you can adjust your bids and budgets on currently running campaigns. You can even evaluate and export your ad performance reports.

monitoring your Facebook Ads campaigns

Your performance reports provide highly valuable information when it comes to monitoring your campaigns. They provide you with information on each campaign’s reach, their frequency, the number of impressions/clicks/conversions, and the cost of these impressions or clicks.

Comparing Costs and Results

Thanks to the ads manager, you can see how many clicks, impressions, or conversions were taken on your ad, as well as the cost of each and the reach of your campaign overall.

monitoring Facebook Ads campaigns

Seeing how many actions were taken (clicks, impressions, or conversions) is important to measure the effectiveness of the ad, especially when compared with the reach that your ads had. If one hundred people clicked out of the five hundred who saw it, for example, that may be a different story than if one hundred people clicked out of a thousand who may saw it.

Evaluating the cost on each action is also crucial. While you can sometimes expect that higher cost means better results, this isn’t always a true fact, and sometimes you’re paying more for something that works less.

Even if the higher costing bid is more efficient, it may be more than you’re willing to—or can afford to— spend, or it may not be worth what you’re paying for. If you’re paying significantly higher for conversions than what the conversions are worth, that’s something you need to know and keep track of as your campaigns progress to keep from losing money. You can prolong successful campaigns and alter or end campaigns that aren’t doing so hot.

Comparing your costs, reach, frequency, and the caliber of your results is an important part of monitoring your campaigns as they progress. Neglecting it is unfortunately a common mistake; don’t let it be yours.

Facebook’s Insights

Facebook’s Insights is an incredible reporting tool that gives you fantastic information about what’s happening on your Page, including showing you what results are coming from your paid campaigns and what’s happening organically.

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 4.57.46 PM

When you’re promoting posts or running campaigns to get new likes or engagement, Insights offers important information that you should utilize to monitor your current campaigns and improve the ones you create the future.

monitoring Facebook Ads campaigns

Facebook’s Insights shows you the new likes on your site that happened recently, and it divides it up based on organic traffic and paid. They also show you paid vs. organic reach on your posts, and paid vs. organic engagement on your posts and your Page.

Facebook insights; monitoring Facebook campaigns

When you’re running campaigns that focus on new likes and engagement on Facebook, insights offers invaluable information you can utilize to maximize your campaigns, including creating content for your Page even outside of Ads that is more relevant to your users.

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 4.56.30 PM

How To Use These Tools

All of these tools and techniques are important to monitoring your campaigns and to thus evaluate and track your ROI, a subject which we are going to talk about in-depth in our upcoming advanced guide. It’s not enough to idly check in and check out; you have to spend as much time monitoring and editing your campaigns as you did creating them, if not more.

What you learn while monitoring your campaigns will lead you to refine your ads further, whether that’s utilizing a different group to target or choosing a different ad placement. Even with all the knowledge this guide has provided, it won’t amount to much if you aren’t willing to go through the trial-and-error of Facebook ads, monitoring your campaigns (both current and past) to improve your campaigns and ROI in the future.


Our Beginner’s Guide is now complete, and you have all the information needed to get started creating your Facebook Ads. Stay tuned for our Advanced Guide to Facebook Ads, coming soon!