Beginner’s Guide Chapter 4: Choosing Ad Placement

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 2.20.47 PMFacebook now has four options for choosing ad placement through their Ad system: the desktop newsfeed, mobile apps, mobile newsfeed, and the classic right side column ads.

While some prefer different placements for different reasons (desktop newsfeed ads tend to have a high click through rate but mobile’s cost per click tends to be lower), often using a combination of different ad placements—similar in a way to combing targeting features—is the best way to reach your audience and get the results you want.

Desktop Newsfeed

Desktop newsfeed ads have the advantage of being in the middle of the rest of the users’ content.choosing ad placement Facebook

While users are scrolling through their Newsfeeds to look at the content their preferences and Facebook’s complex algorithms put there, your ad will be smack dab in the middle. It will be easy for users to see your ad, and it makes it easy for them to engage with the ad.

Click through rates (CTRs) of desktop newsfeed ads tend to be consistently high for this reason. Some users don’t even realize that they’ve clicked on an ad.

 Right Column Ads

When your ads appear on the right hand side, the ad itself may be small, but you have the benefit of it being immediately visible. Some argue that, because of this, right side ads are best for direct marketing.

choosing an ad placement, Facebook

You don’t have to wait for users to scroll down through their Newsfeed and risk that your ad isn’t seen; it’s right there, on the right hand side. It’s just up to you to catch their interest.

Mobile Newsfeed & Mobile Apps

More and more users are using Facebook from their mobile devices, which means that not targeting Ads designed for mobile viewing will isolate a very large audience.

choosing an ad placement Facebook AdsOn mobile, you can choose to have ads that show up on the app or in the newsfeed. Utilizing at least one mobile ad placement is important as mobile usage has overtaken desktop usage as of June last year. That’s a big deal, and excluding mobile audiences can exclude a large, large part of your target audience. That’s the last thing you want.

Conversions, however, for actual sales can be low on mobile.

While some users may resume the buying process on the desktop, and some absolutely do purchase from their phones, entering in your credit card number on your phone is something a lot of people choose to forgo. When your objective is conversions, make sure you add other placements if you choose to utilize a mobile ad placement.

Choosing a Placement Strategy

Often, utilizing a combination of ad placements, or even all of them at once under one ad campaign, can be the smart way to go. You definitely don’t want to exclude the mobile newsfeed, since, as stated above, more and more users are choosing mobile over the classic desktops.

It depends on your particular audience, too. Split testing ad placement is important for your individual campaigns and audience to see what they respond to best. Try out different combinations and see what works best.


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