Beginner’s Guide Chapter 2: Choosing an Objective

beginner's guide, choosing an objective Facebook Ads

The very first choice you make when creating your ad is choosing your objective. The objective is exactly what it sounds like: it’s the goal and ideal results you have in mind when you run your campaign, whether that’s likes on your Page or sales of a product.

choose an objective for your campaign

With Facebook increasing our options when choosing an objective, it’s important to remember that we should only focus on one objective per ad.

This helps keep the focus on what you really want the ad to do instead of hoping it will accomplish multiple objectives only to have it achieve none of them.

If you want both Page likes and installs of your app, run two separate campaigns. While, yes, you may get some crossover (someone who likes your Page stumbles upon your app and installs it), you shouldn’t hope for that. There’s a reason Facebook makes you pick one objective per ad, and it’s efficiency.

To help you choose the best objective for what you want to accomplish, take a look at your options below to help you decide what you want your campaigns to accomplish.

Boost Your Posts

The goal: increased likes, engagement, and exposure on a particular post.

The idea here is to promote one of your posts, showing it to a lot of people and boosting engagement on it. With organic reach declining, this is a great way to make sure the posts you think are most important reach those you’re connected to as well as new users.

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 6.37.14 PM

For this, you can utilize two different strategies. You can promote a post you most want people to see, like the launch of a new product or service or a particularly great blog post that you think is important.

Or, for a second strategy, you can boost a post that you think will best represent your brand and capture the attention of new readers. This is a post you think is more viral or shareable in nature.

Strategy two is designed to reach new users, instead of motivating the ones you already have to take some sort of action as seen in strategy one.

Promote Your Page

The goal here: likes on your Page.

Yes, ads that appear in the Newsfeed automatically have a “like” button in the corner, prompting users to like your Page. That does not mean you should rely on those ads to get you likes when it is not the objective for that ad. When running a campaign, your main focus should be on one objective at a time, or too often the campaigns won’t succeed.

The idea here is to give exposure to your Page and your brand, connecting more people with your Page and, thus, your content. New, relevant likes—connecting new and interested users to your business—is key to moving your social media marketing forward. This allows you to promote your brand and product to new users over a long period of time for free.

Send People to Your Website

The goal: clicks from the ad to your website.

To be clear, the goal in mind her does not have to be for conversions and is not directly for conversions; there’s another objective for that. The goal is simply to get people to your site, to see it, and start building a relationship with your business.

This is a great objective when you’re looking to build an audience, for example, for a blog. You aren’t looking for sales or for adds to a cart (at least not yet), but instead to give it exposure and to connect with new users.

Promote Conversions on Your Website

The goal: increasing conversions that happen on your actual website, like sales or e-mail sign-ups.

choosing an objective, beginner's guide to Facebook Ads
An example of an Ad in the newsfeed with the objective for conversions. The ad is blatantly encouraging users to go to their site and purchase.

This is the objective to go for if you’re looking for any time of off-Facebook conversions and not just clicks to your site. There’s a variety of different conversions you can choose from, which include:

  • Adds to Cart
  • Key Page Views (a certain or certain pages are viewed)
  • Sales
  • Leads
  • Opt-ins for your e-mail list
  • Other

All of these conversions can be tracked with Facebook’s conversion tracking pixel, which will be covered in our Advanced Guide.

Get Installs of Your App

The goal: again, self explanatory, getting users to install your app.

You don’t spend a lot of time and money (or just a lot of money paying someone else) to create an app for it to not be downloaded. Even if the app is great, people have to find out about it if they’re going to download it.

This type of objective will send people to the store where they can purchase and download your app.

Increase Engagement in Your App

The goal: getting people to use and engage with your app.

As you can imagine, this objective is as self-explanatory as it can get; Facebook has done a great job creating very specific objectives. If you’re looking for more people to use, engage and interact with your Facebook or mobile app, this objective is the way to go. The specifically made one for installation and one for usage, make sure you utilize them.

Raise Attendance at Your Event

The goal: getting more people to come to your event.

The event can be on or off Facebook—most tend to be off of Facebook. Using Facebook Ads, you can target either (or both) your current audience and/or users your business isn’t already connected to.

Webinars are a potential goldmine. That’s why you’re seeing them pop up more and more. We frequently use Facebook Ads to promote our webinars for optimal profitability.

Get People to Claim Your Offer

The goal: to get people to claim your Offer.

If you’re unfamiliar with Facebook Offers, you can see more in our blog post here. As a quick summary, an Offer is like a coupon exclusive to only Facebook users. Offers are a great way to sell and promote your products and your business. Everyone loves a great deal, after all.

choosing an objective Facebook Ads, Facebook Offer

Promoting your Offer through Facebook Ads is the best way to make sure a lot of people see it and take part in it. The more people who see it and interact with it, the better for you—even if it’s only available for a limited number of people.

Get Video Views

The goal: get as many views on a particular video as possible.

Videos are gaining popularity as a form of content on Facebook—more users are watching videos than ever before, and as a result, more are being shown in newsfeeds. Videos offer a lot of potential to share information and build your brand in a highly effective, fast way.


What to Remember when Choosing an Objective

Choosing an objective can be difficult—it forces you to make the choice of what type of actions you’re willing to pay for. Are you willing to pay for likes on your Page, or are you determined to promote a product?

Whatever you decide, make sure your copy and image best match that exact objective. Having an image of your product with copy promoting your sales, for example, isn’t the way to get a lot of likes quickly on a Page (though, yes, you may get a few stragglers).

Now that we’ve covered how to choose an objective, it’s time to move on to the next part of the ad process: finding your target audience. To go to Chapter 3, click here.


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