How to Use Facebook Lead Ads

It's called Facebook Lead Ads. Now, I've been known for a while for generating leads on Facebook. So naturally, I needed to dissect this new feature on the ads platform. So, it was time to watch the video: (You can click the video image to be sent to their official page.) Okay, great. So we can get data straight from Facebook users and have it for ourselves to market to. It looks something like this process:   Real World Case Studies Using Lead Ads “Initial tests on ... READ MORE

Put Social Media Content on Auto Pilot: Rignite Review

New Update : Now after using Rignite since summer of 2014, we can share real results showing some nice growth in social media traffic in part by using this tool. You can clearly see some nice gains in part from Rignite automatically sending out social media updates to our fans & followers. I'm big on automation and growth and I'm sure you are too. Online, content, and social media marketing, as we all know, has a lot more to it than just running a basic ad and immediately seeing ... READ MORE

Boost Conversions with Facebook’s Call to Action Button

One of the most underused features we’ve seen on Facebook is their Call to Action button. It’s not a new feature, having been out for over a year, but it’s one that can help a lot of campaigns increase conversions and good results. Facebook has given us the ability to place their Call to Action button on our Ads and now our Pages. It’s a simple process to install them, and doing so can offer some nice-sized benefits for your marketing efforts on Facebook. If you aren’t using it yet, here’s ... READ MORE

Facebook Image Dimensions

Can't keep up with all the changes on Facebook? We wanted to help out, so we created a simple way for you to see the latest Facebook Image Dimensions by giving you this visual cheat sheet. Whether it's an image for an Ad, your profile page, or your fan page, these are the current up-to-date image dimensions on Facebook. We will make sure to keep it updated as changes will occur in the future! If you find this to be valuable, please let us know in the comments below so we can create more ... READ MORE

Multiply Your Leads with LeadPages

Converting leads into clients is difficult enough, especially when the pressure is on to get the sale. What comes before that can be just as difficult. Finding good, reliable leads can be just as difficult as turning them into clients, and it’s the first step in a long process. LeadPages is a software company that can you generate leads swiftly and efficiently. LeadPages has multiplied our number of leads while we’ve been using their services. We have gotten over 10,000 e-mail subscribers ... READ MORE

Make Our Content Marketing Strategy Work For You

How You Can Replicate Our Success As of this past year, we’ve been focusing more and more on content marketing and our content marketing strategy. This goes without saying that we rethought and developed a new, strong content marketing strategy and made sure it was the very best it could be. For a video overview, you can watch the video below. Content marketing is relatively free, unless you’re paying a copywriter and/or website developer. Even so, it’s a good investment, as it can ... READ MORE


I wanted to build out some of the absolute best resources that we employ and our own business and highly recommend to anyone in web development, offline consulting, and mobile. LeadPages - This will change your business in terms of lead generation. We have gotten over 10,000 subscribers to our e-mail list just from LeadPAges alone. To see more about LeadPages, you can read our blog post here. Rignite: Since we've started using this social media collaboration software, our social media ... READ MORE

3 Social Media Marketing Tips For 2014

2013 was truly a social year. New social platforms continue to emerge, and budgets have swelled, as more companies are beginning to embrace social media presence. A reported 78% of companies now have a dedicated social media team. It’s safe to say that Twitter isn’t just for discussing what you had for lunch for marketing professionals, as 93% of marketers claim to use social media for business.  Twitter now boasts 232 million active users who send out 500 million tweets per day. Twitter also ... READ MORE

Complete IM Resource Guide for 2014

2014 is almost here, so we've went back into our databases to come up with the ultimate list of resources that we've used in our own business for internet marketing. Most of these resources have been tried and tested by us, the rest are suggestions from comments over the past year. We will continue to update this thread with more resources, so please share your favorite resources with us in the comments. Click here to get 100+ Leads per day from Facebook. ARTICLE SPINNER TOOL Product ... READ MORE