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Hey, I’ve decided to put together a weekly update for you –
somewhat of a weekly digest of news & updates for you of our
community and bonus training I create or come across.

This way, you will receive less emails from me, but each one
will be just that more important & valuable for you 🙂

#1 : Using Facebook Ads to Grab Profits (And Easily)

I hosted a completely free webinar to show you the power
of Facebook in landing offline clients & building a list and
making literally thousands of dollars (Even a $20k contract!)

Watch Now:

#2 : Using Lumpy Direct Mail to Get Businesses to Call You

A Proven system I’ve used many times in my own offline
business has been released to the public called Savage Siphon.

I’m sure you may have already seen it in fact!

It’s a 5 step process into using lumpy direct mail to get
your prospects attention and call you!

Get it Here:

In addition,

If you are a member of my offline masterclass, I go into great
detail on this with over four hours of training step by step on
this lumpy mail strategy.

You can see me create a direct mail campaign right in front of
you inside my masterclass training 🙂

Watch Now:

Hey, this gives you TWO amazing ways to make money with your
business, just start with one and stay focused!

I’ll give you the next three days to really delve into the content
in those videos & training and start using it right away.

Next week, I’ve been cooking up a way to help you further your
success in business by creating a special “Inner Circle” where
you can work directly with me in a group setting and with other
successful marketers.

I’m really excited about this because I KNOW this has helped me
out so much to progress in my own businesses, and now I can extend
that similar opportunity to you.

Look for more information on the “inner circle” starting on Monday!

80% of Sales are Made on the…

I can’t tell you how true the statement Bolaji mentioned in the beginning of this video. Almost no one closes deals on the first contact, however, most of us give up by the second or third attempt!

Stop leaving literally tens of thousands of dollars on the table and followup on your leads!

I’ve stopped doing this and realized how many older leads I’ve had sitting around! Keep in contact because you never know when they will become paying clients.

I realized that I needed to keep calling, emailing, sending direct mail until I closed the deal or the prospect said no.

It’s important to have someone to send them however, and that’s why this is so important:

My partner Boloaji O has a great collection of hot system for you help you get clients for mobile marketing.

Click Here for More Info

Top 10 benefits of StatBoost mobile:

1 Close more mobile deals immediately!
Proof: Joshua put it to the test, and closed a $912 deal just 4 days ago.
The business owner was literally begging Joshua for an invoice over the weekend!

2 Never be intimidated by a sales conversation again!
StatBoost Mobile is the ULTIMATE sales cheat sheet for mobile!

3 Instant authority!
Use the social proof of Worldwide mobile stats, to establish your authority!

4 Steal clients from under other Offliner’s noses!
Steal clients from the competition by arming business owners with
facts they can remember and understand. 90% of Offliners make it to complicated.

5 Get instant credibility from 3rd-party validation
Business owners don’t have to take your word for it.
Borrow the authority of the companies who did the research.

6 Farm the leads everyone else is ignoring.
Touch base with prospects regularly, without scaring them away! (Edutainment works!)

7 Build your local buzz…
by printing these and leaving them at networking meetings, local businesses, etc.

8 Build your authority on social media…
by auto-posting these, one-per-day

9 Stop losing leads!
Double your income with the exact same leads! It’s hard enough to get the leads…
don’t let anyone convince you to waste ’em!

10 Sell the reason why:
90% of Offliners sell the “WHAT”!
Speeds and feeds…
Technical this,and feature that…

Sell the “Reason Why”.
That’s how the top 10% of local consultants sell.
And how you should as well.

11 EXTRA! Stat Boost Mobile sells every day for $47.00
But as a special to Warriors, it is being offered for 80% of

Click Here for More Info

PS. This will only be open for five days.

Ongoing Wide-Scale Attack on WordPress

As some of you may already be aware, there is an ongoing wide-scale attack on WordPress sites.

This is not an isolated event, and has been happening for quite a while, peaking just a little under a week ago.

*This is affecting everyone*

but is not a cause for alarm. With just a few simple precautions, you can protect yourself and your clients.

To put things in the proper perspective, we first want to inform you about the nature of the attacks. Potential hackers are
employing “Brute Force” methods to access your WordPress account.
Once they have gained access to your account, they can then use various hacks to take over or destroy your site.

What is a “Brute Force” attack? Very simply: it is a way of
guessing for valid passwords. It is not a very sophisticated
attack, and is not targeting anyone in particular. What makes it
dangerous is that it appears that they are employing massive
botnets–casting a very wide net so to speak, making no distinction
as to what kind of sites or businesses to target.

In response to this, we strongly urge you to take the proper
precautions towards making sure that your WordPress site is not
affected. There are some very simple ways to protect yourself which
you can actually do yourself:

Change Your Password:

Brute Force attacks are very resource intensive and only have a
chance of succeeding if your passwords are not secure. Change your
password right after reading this article. Make sure that it is a
secure password, you can use this link to help you generate secure
passwords; http://strongpasswordgenerator.com

Secure Your Username:

The username is half of the equation – using a common username is
effectively giving malicious hackers that part of the
equation–making it that much easier for them. If you’ll login to
your WordPress dashboard and go to “users” on the left hand
navigation – you will be given a list of users.

If you see a user called admin (this is the default user) –
change the username immediately. (roughly 90% of all the successful
attempts are done through the ‘admin’ login)

Remove any other user that you are not familiar with.

*You may also want to change the password of the email that is
associated with the login. If they share the same password and your
WordPress site is compromised, then your email will potentially be
compromised as well.

Make Sure Your WordPress Installation is Up-to-Date:

Please take note however that updating your WordPress core could
break your site layout. This has happened to me before, so if its
a custom website based of a theme, you could run into issues if you
update the theme if its not a child theme.

Install Security Plug-Ins:

Security plug-ins can go a very long way towards securing your
site. One good example is WordFence – a free utility plug-in which
you can install on to your WordPress site.

(Link: http://www.wordfence.com)

Have multiple backups available:

Many times even these steps will fail because if a hacker
wants to get into a website, they can do it if they are skilled.

Make sure to store full backups:

Store full backups of your website on and off of your server.
You can have your hosting provider do this and you can have your
own automated solution with our software WP Backup Plus.

(Link: http://www.wpbackupplus.com)


Selling Your Services via Webinar


A few of my students have been asking me whether selling via webinars is a good idea for offline businesses.


Absolutely, Yes!

I’ve made thousands of dollars per webinar I’ve hosted for my clients and its really easy to do.

What do you need?

– A template presentation
– People that will listen

Here’s what I recommend:
Mike Cooch from Katenda has 6 ready made templates for all of us to use which I own 🙂

Once you pick your presentation, you now need business owners.

All you really need is anywhere from 3 – 10 to have success, but more doesn’t hurt 🙂

– Use social media, FB & Linked In
– Use current clients & prospects in your pipeline (you should always have a bunch of these)
– Doing paid media buys, direct mail, classified ads, Craigslist, etc
– Joint venture with a local business who has a customer list they can send over!

This will get you started and having success asap 🙂

Get to it!

T&C Summit Offline Notes

Running your business Local is the fastest & quickest ways to grow your offline business.

Your second option is getting clients in all areas and targeting a specific niche such as just plumbers.

The team of offline consultants agreed on the top 3:


This is how I got my business off the ground, networking with people I knew and did business with! BNI, Meetups, & Chamber of Commerce


Real consultants make most of their money from speaking engagements. Show people you are the expert!

-Direct mail – Either a lot of postcards or individual mailers that you personally send with an attention grabber.

Example : 3d Mailing

Recommended Reading List:

Work the System

Getting Naked

Vetted Outsourcing

To really grow your business to the next level, you need the best help possible. I’ve hired literally hundreds of people in running my business with a large majority coming up short of my standards.

Below you will find only the top vetted companies and individuals I recommend.

Make sure to save this list as its a GOLDMINE so you don’t have to waste months finding quality help to run your business.

My Recommended Fiverr Gigs


SoftoBiz – Programming / Mobile App Development / PHP / Much More

They have a team of 50 and are located in India but my contact below is 100% fluent with English and extremely reliable.

$15 / Hr for any type of PHP programming.



Google + Local

Caesar SEO

Content Writing

Natasha Nixon Writing

Social Media Updates Writing

I’ve been using them for all types of blog articles and content creation.

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Set Your Goals in 2013

Watch our 15 minute training on getting your business started off right.

Future coaching trainings won’t be available to everyone, just Offline Academy members, but I wanted to give everyone as much of a boost to start this year as possible!

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Is SEO dead now for 2013?

SEO has changed quite a bit. Is it dead? Watch the video to find out the latest:

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Using Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey

– Charge $500 for a one time survey or hourly, or even as a free bonus for an existing client.

– Easy to do, especially with sending it to an email / SMS list

– Great feedback that your client needs desperately to grow their business.

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