Put Your FanPages on Autopilot with FB Auto Post Pro

There is a lot of money that can be made with Facebook marketing on your Fan Pages. Like all other money-making endeavors, however, marketing on Facebook requires a lot of time, creativity, hard work, and often money to go into creating and scheduling high quality, monetized content that will lead to profits. Fortunately, marketers have started to find a way to make the process less time consuming, much easier, and much cheaper. Incredible new software FB Auto Post Pro was created to improve ... READ MORE

Jump Start Your Content Marketing Strategy

Getting Started with Content Marketing  Content marketing is no get rich quick scheme. It takes a lot of consistent work over a very long period of time to see real results. It is because of this that a lot of sites end up giving up—it can take at least a year to see any real headway, sometimes longer to make significant strides. It is, however, very worth it. To be clear, content marketing does not replace SEO—they go hand in hand together. Each one helps the other succeed more. It does not ... READ MORE

How Facebook’s Relevance Scores Can Improve Your Campaigns

Facebook recently started providing advertisers with yet another amazing tool: relevance scores for Facebook Ads. Facebook has always taken relevancy into consideration as a factor when determining how they deliver their ads, and to whom. Now, they’re allowing advertisers running Facebook Ads to see these scores and to evaluate their own success. This is another change designed to make their ads system even better and more accessible to advertisers, and it’s an exciting one. Where To ... READ MORE

How to Get Your Own Personal Facebook Ads Rep

Get a Personal Facebook Ads Rep with Facebook Go Haven’t you ever wished that you could get real help from people who know the ins and outs of Facebook Ads better than anyone—the Facebook team themselves? Now you actually can. Facebook Go is a brand-spankin’-new resource that provides help to advertisers new to the Facebook Ads system. It’s more than just a tool or a walkthrough guide—you will get advice, help and training from an actual Facebook Ads specialist, trained to help you find ... READ MORE

4 Important and Underused Tools on Facebook Ads

It’s no secret that Facebook Ads is a complex system. All those options and all that depth is part of what makes it so great—you can hone your audience and targeting to find the exact audience you want. All the options can get confusing, and some marketers never really find success with Facebook Ads. Part of the reason this happens is because marketers either don’t know about all the tools they can use, or they aren’t sure which ones they should use and they choose the wrong ones. There ... READ MORE

Social Media Platforms All Businesses Should Start With

We’re long past the days of having a only few sites to register on; you now have Facebook and Twitter; Google + and Instagram; Reddit, Tumblr, Pintrest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and so many more. See if that doesn’t make your head spin. What often ends up happening is new businesses—or businesses new to Facebook—try to sign up on every social media platform known to man, not wanting to miss out, only to be spread so thin that none of their pages on any of the networks take off. Even just ... READ MORE

Facebook Etiquette Everyone Should Follow

More and more time is being spent on Facebook, and more and more people are joining the sites and setting up profiles. Almost everyone in our lives have Facebook accounts, even our grandmothers who haven’t figured out texting or DVR yet (this includes my own). As a large part of our lives is now goes onto social media—and is affected by it—there’s a certain standard of behavior and etiquette most feel that the community should adhere to. Facebook doesn’t set these rules, as they do with their ... READ MORE

6 Sites With Gorgeous, Truly Free Stock Photos

I know some bloggers out there are naturally (or are trained to be) phenomenal photographers, fantastic photo editors, or experts in graphic design. I am not one of those bloggers. Not even a little bit. My sister was granted that gift, not me. I'm actually famous in my family for always accidentally cutting off the top part of my dad's head in all the family pictures I took. I excel at the written word, not so much in creation of stunning images. So, for those of us like myself who ... READ MORE

5 Foolproof Methods to Promote Your Facebook Page

5 Foolproof Methods to Promote Your Facebook Page

Reliable On- and Off-Site Methods to Get More Likes on Facebook So you’ve created a great Facebook Page. You’ve filled out all the information, uploaded great images to draw attention, and flooded your Page with interesting, original content and posts. You’ve even got a few likes. But then there’s the dreaded stagnant feeling. You’re stuck, and you can’t seem to connect with new users. So how do you promote your Facebook Page? There’s a variety of methods you can actually use to ... READ MORE

6 Ways to Stay Safe on Facebook

6 Ways to Stay Safe on Facebook

Safety Guidelines of Social Media and The Stories That Remind You the Danger is Real This is a true story. Brace yourself, ‘cause it’s a doozy. We utilize sites like Yahoo Answers to send traffic to our site; I’ll answer questions about social media or internet marketing and provide a relevant link to one our blog posts with more detailed information. It helps a relevant audience find us, particularly when we can help them most, and it sends traffic to our site. It’s a win-win for all ... READ MORE