The State of PPC Ads in 2020

What is the current state of advertising online in 2020?

Whether you are a brand or an agency, its extremely important now to use paid ads as part of your strategy to get customers.

No longer can you just put up a website and expect to build huge without some kind of paid ads strategy.

But what is the best bang for your buck? And where should you spend your ad dollars?

Since 2012, I’ve been running ads online. A lot has changed, but also, a lot has stayed the same.

Still in 2020, search PPC is the giant in the room offering the best results since its very simply driven on search traffic. People looking to buy right now or people looking for more information right now.

Since, 2015, I’ve been deep into social media ads. Facebook Ads mostly. Results can be hit or miss in comparison to search PPC because you are interrupting people versus providing people answers to their searches. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use social media PPC. You just need to know how to target your key audiences. This is where many agencies and brands struggle with.

Since 2018, I’ve been deep into YouTube Ads. I see video ads both on FB and YT as the key spots where you can get cheap ads and millions of video views quickly to your offers.

In 2020, I see video ads, Youtube Ads continuing to grow. Almost no one is doing it in the ecommerce space yet, but this will change this year as more and more ecomm brands are developing cool YT Ads such as dollar shave club.

According to Think with Google, consumers have watched 50,000+
years of product review videos on mobile in the last 2 years and
are 3x more likely to prefer watching a YouTube tutorial video over
reading the product’s instructions.

By 2025, 80-90% of traffic will be mobile and consuming video content.

Ryan Shaw

Things like manychat, chatbots, push notifications, and podcast advertising are still very new and growing. Email and Google Ads are still the giants in the room when it comes to paid ads and communication, but all these AI options and new forms of content like video and podcasting are growing like crazy.

My advice: Get great at the basics of advertising. Learn one or two platforms and master them. (Facebook and Google.)

Then get results for clients and build an agency. Most agencies offer high prices and subpar results. Most agencies dont have more than a couple clients.

Master your craft and grow your business online.. And make sure to follow me for future YouTube videos and posts like this.

I think 2020 is the perfect time to master PPC ads. Make sure to follow people like myself or Jon Loomer. Attend live events. Follow PPC Hero, AdsEspesso and other industry leader blogs.

Watch my FULL Youtube Video Report of PPC Ads in 2020 Here.

How to find Creative Commons Material using YouTube

Ok… to be honest.. this has been covered before. But I didn’t have a clue on this.. so I did some research into how I can pull video footage from the internet and use it for my own Youtube videos, vlogging, and video editing purposes.

I have an Iphone X, Go Pro 7. But I don’t currently have a digital camera or a drone; so I am limited to what I can do with video.

So; I’m lazy. Naturally, I want to find video that is already done for me.

I’m here recording video currently in Bali. I noticed people flying drones over me while I sat on the beach, went to a nice lookout spot, and I saw other people’s Go Pro’s at the beach.

I started wondering.. hmm… Can I just ask them for all their video footage??

I don’t want to spend $2,000 on video equipment, spend weeks learning it all, and weeks more going around to record footage if I don’t have to.

How can I find Creative Commons Material using YouTube??

I just did a few Google searches to start off. Found some things. Ok. Here’s the short answer.

#1 Youtube Search

It’s simple. Just click on creative commons in the YouTube Search. I found 100’s of videos just for Bali.

Now all the videos in the search will be licensed under Creative Commons.  Note this will return all Creative Commons licensed videos, so you will need to be sure to check out the particular licence and abide by its conditions.  For more information on Creative Commons licences and their conditions, see the ‘What is Creative Commons?’ Information sheet.

Now, you just need to download the videos you want.

How to find Creative Commons Material using YouTube

#2 Creative Search

This is in beta. I am just testing this out today as I write this. This is a search engine which is perfect if you are also searching for images and other media outside of video.

I recommend saving this link as well. I found millions of amazing images with the ability to use them. Wow. So cool!

#3 Stock Footage Search

There’s so many websites that offer stock footage. The problem is that most cost money. That’s why I am using Youtube mostly for video footage now. Stock video footage is okay; but of course its very generic.

I found some free videos; but they usually only have a few available.

Final Assessment:

Youtube search is the best to find videos for your next video project. Just make sure to follow the guidelines.

How to Download Your Youtube Videos

There is a few ways to do this.

The way I currently found to do so is with YouTubnow.

It’s simple; just copy and paste your Youtube video link and you are done.

Just make sure to organize all your video downloads as they can easily pile up hah. 🙂

I hope you found that finding Creative Commons Material using YouTube is easy and effective.


Lina Trivedi – Wordbotic Review

There is a brand new software out that, full disclosure, I am using, testing, and promoting called WordBotics created by Lina Trivedi.

Who is Lina Trivedi?

I first met Lina Trivedi at a business conference in North Carolina in 2011. It was the first Warrior Forum event I ever attended. The crowd was very different from any event I had ever been to before. Lina was one of the few people I picked from the crowd to interact with and we quickly became friends.


One of the first things I noticed is that she ran her business with extreme detail to customer service and had some of the highest integrity I have ever seen in our industry.

I know if I work with people with integrity, my own business can benefit as well.

Lina also taught me the important of customer support and personal care. I have seen her go above and beyond other product creators. I have seen her get on the phone with customers and spend time that she did not need to do.

Going above and beyond the call on customer support is what I saw. I even made a joke about how she works harder than anyone to support her customers. Late nights past midnight almost on a daily basis working with them.

I told her she needs to charge more for all of this support and her products hah 😉

Lina Trivedi has continued to be a leader in our industry with integrity and if there is anyone I could pick out of a crowd of product creators in the internet marketing community, it would be her.

So, when she came to me with her new product Wordbotics, of course, I was interested.

I am not really into the Kindle niche or book writing to a major degree, but I do know it takes so much work to write a book. I have written my own ebooks , blog posts, and articles over the years.

What is Wordbotics?

Simply; it is software that guides you in writing your own ebook / kindle and helps you publish it.

If you are planning on writing a book, publishing anything on kindle, releasing a book on amazong, or writing a PDF / Ebook; Wordbotics is a tool that I can highly recommend.


First, Lina is a master programmer and she knows this niche better than anyone. She knows the product and created the solution for herself in mind.

I highly recommend Lina’s products in any case. However, in this case, this is her best product that she has ever put together by far.

I would call Wordbotics her flagship product.

Even people like Russell Brunson and Click Funnels are trying to copy this software and release their own version.

Lina has been working on this software for years with multiple beta releases and thousands of people purchasing and really releasing their books.

This is not a fly by night product, nor a product that has terrible customer support and use.

People are really publishing books using Wordbotics.

That is why I recommend Wordbotics. If customers are really using your software and getting results, that puts you way above most of the software that is available for purchase.

Click Here to reach Lina Trivedi

Lina Trivedi is a Web developer and community college educator in the areas of financial planning, professional development, marketing and e-commerce. She specializes in small business development and through her classes, she educates her students on how to launch small businesses utilizing the Internet.

Youtube Ads for Local Will Be Everywhere in 3 – 5 Years

Up until now; YouTube Ads have been mainly a tool for large companies to brand; for movies to show trailers; and for YouTube channels and Online Companies to run some very effective video ads.

That, however, is about to change in a very big way. Local YouTube Ads are about to get very popular. Likely, very fast.

YouTube is about to roll out a mobile video studio all over the US for local businesses to record a video and setup a video ad for YouTube.

This means that YouTube already knows YouTube Ads For Local are not only viable; but very profitable.

Ironically; I’ve been preaching that local businesses need to get on Youtube and run ads. It’s way more effective and cheaper than traditional TV. The tracking on traditional TV is non existent. On Youtube; it’s close to real time tracking and there’s a ton of data. You only pay for clicks and not just impressions / views.

There’s so many benefits for local businesses to start using Youtube Ads for their business. They should also have a Youtube channel with at least some video content.

I think it’s a great idea for many niches to get on Youtube. You only need a phone these days to do HD video and it only takes a few minutes to do.

The big difference between Youtube and TV and Youtube has the younger audience. TV has the baby boomers and older audiences. So; if a local business is catering to a younger audience; this makes it even more effective.

Are you catering to teens? Hipsters? Gamers? Is at least a portion of your customer base under 40? Then; you should be on Youtube.

My mom at 61 just shared a video with me from Youtube about SEO. It’s not like no one over 40 goes on Youtube. I think more and more of the older audience will adopt usage as we go forward in the next five years.

Youtube is getting better and better as well. The ads platform is better. And now ; they have the following announcement:

“Soon you’ll be able to reach people on YouTube who recently searched for your products or services on Google. For example, an airline could reach people on YouTube who recently searched for ‘flights to Hawaii.’ We call this custom intent audiences,” explained the recent Google’s announcement.

This is basically retargeting on steroids!

The future of online advertising is already bright; but Youtube and Adwords have definitely has been making changes that has led me away from Facebook Ads more and more.

I can’t help it. I am in love with everything that Adwords has been doing as of late. AND.. I think this trend will continue.

I may in fact move more and more clients to using an Adwords / Youtube Ads + FB Ads strategy and tie them together by retargeting traffic with Google tags across both platforms.

Im excited.

How about you?

Have you used Youtube Ads? Have you used Youtube Ads for Local?

You can check out how to sell to these local businesses with our brand new course; YouTube Ads for Local.

How to Use Facebook Lead Ads

FB Lead Ads

It’s called Facebook Lead Ads.

Now, I’ve been known for a while for generating leads on Facebook. So naturally, I needed to dissect this new feature on the ads platform.

So, it was time to watch the video: (You can click the video image to be sent to their official page.)

Okay, great. So we can get data straight from Facebook users and have it for ourselves to market to.

It looks something like this process:


Real World Case Studies Using Lead Ads

“Initial tests on Facebook have shown costs as low as 1/3 of the website conversion objective campaigns. It’s a win-win situation: the user receives a better experience without having to leave the Facebook app, while you receive higher conversion rates with automatically populated fields.”

Michael McEuen, Adstage

“In early A/B testing, Facebook’s native lead ads outperformed link ads driving to the website to fill out a lead form in terms of total leads and conversion rate, while driving a 4x reduction in cost per lead compared to previous social lead generation tactics.”

Kim Kyaw, Manager Digital Marketing, Land Rover

“This ad product has taken our customer acquisition efforts on Facebook to the next level. Lead ads have driven robust volume while maintaining exceptionally low acquisition costs—up to 50% less than comparable ad platforms. We are incredibly excited to continue scaling with this product.”

René Fielder Marketing Director, Sona Med Spa

“Lead ads were a game-changer product for Properati. In the past, we had tested similar products from other channels but they didn’t work for us. Since testing lead ads, we have seen a 4x reduction in the cost per lead, with a more than 3x increase in the number of leads we normally generate in Brazil.”

Gabriel Gruber, CEO, Properati

Here’s Where Zuckerberg Messed Up With Marketers

Facebook has done a great job with creating Facebook Lead Ads which works now for both desktop and mobile users.

It’s capturing millions of leads per month for advertisers.

However, they really did make a huge mistake that has led to many marketers wondering if Facebook really is out of touch with your average online marketer.

Facebook has never bridged the gap from capturing the lead information on the form to marketing platforms that we as marketers use every day.

Does Mark Zuckerberg really expect us to login to our Facebook account daily and download a spreadsheet of raw lead data like this is still 1996 that looks like this:


That is why we just released a new software to connect Facebook with any autoresponder / CRM that you may use.

We are excited since now, you too, can get access to this brand new tool.

For members only, we just did a live training on how to use Facebook Lead Ads.

It’s simpler than traditional ads and you will get to see me setup an entire ad that gets leads LIVE during the video in just a couple minutes flat.

Check it Out:

Click Here to Get Facebook Lead Ads Pro

Leave a comment / question below on how I can help you further.

5 Ways to Generate Leads on Instagram

Do I Really Need Instagram?

Before we jump head first into generating leads on Instagram, let’s first talk about why Instagram matters.

“There’s already a ton of social media networks, why do we need one more?” – I hear this quite frequently. I’m sure you do as well or maybe have even said it. Heck, I may have said it a couple of times myself.

As someone who is approaching 30, I just don’t see the point in certain social media networks younger people are using like Snapchat. I used to think this way about Instagram as well.

You may have heard things about Instagram such as :

  • It’s only for the younger crowd
  • I just don’t have the time to look into it

By the end of this post, I hope to prove wrong the doubters and show you through data and examples, that not only is Instagram worth your time, it is 100% needed in your business / marketing efforts at the time of this writing into the future.

NEWS: Instagram just announced they are now allowing you to post 60 second videos. This is long enough for you to get out a full marketing message and get leads coming to you through your video marketing efforts.

Why Instagram Matters

Now, let’s take a look at some data at why Instagram is not just for the younger audiences, how your ads can work, and how it is absolutely worth your time.

Let’s first talk about the massive upsides of Instagram Marketing:

#1 : Brand Interaction – Instagram boasts the highest level of brand interaction out of every major social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ as seen in the image below. The 1.53% is Instagram there in the bold.

Instagram has a 10x+ higher rate of engagement and interaction than other social media platforms meaning your marketing efforts can go 10 times as far.

This alone should convince you to get more into Instagram Marketing for your business.

brandinteraction#2 : Wide Audience – Instagram is continuing to grow leaps and bounds among many different age groups. Not just under age 28. Let’s take a look at some recent data.


5 Ways to Generate Leads on Instagram

1. Use Hashtags

This may be the most obvious way to generate leads on Instagram. You can post up to 30 hashtags per post, and the more you post and use hashtags, the more leads you will get simply.

If you use your limit on Hashtags (30), you should see 30 – 100 likes per post and a small amount of new followers. Not the greatest results, but its 100% FREE.

Here’s a list of the top Hashtags you can use for the most likes:


Here’s some examples of my own Instagram Account:

samcartREPOSTexample sample2

2. Post Daily (Twice Per Day)

Regularity is the key to any type of content or social media marketing. Instagram is no different. However, you can’t schedule content out right now, so its all manual unless you have special software like InstaMate. (Click for my full review – Coming Soon)

I suggest that you post first thing in the morning and around 5 pm. People are most active on their mobile phones before and after work. So before 9 am and after 5 pm. That’s a fact. So, post according to your main audience. For me, its usually 8 am EST and 5 pm EST since most of my audience is in the US and Canada and most of them are in EST.

3. Post Content That Makes Sense

All of your Instagram posts should flow like a timeline or a story. You shouldn’t have random things next to each other. Don’t put a picture of your dog next to a quote of Steve Jobs. Make it a story that people can follow who are new to seeing your profile.

Post content that makes sense for the time of year and the day. People will only spend a second as they glance at your posts, so make it relate to world events, trending stories, and what your target audience is interested in. Look to get ahead of trends and look for posts that can create viral growth that people will share.

4. Networking & Partnering

Its important to be active and connect with like-minded people, prospects, and customers. You can tag them in posts, message them, like and follow their profiles, and have real conversations. 

You can find great partners who will be willing to promote your profile for you. You just have to ask. Usually it goes both ways. You promote theirs as well.  You can also find profiles with tons of followers that are willing to sell you a post on their profile to drive thousands of new views to your profile. Use other people’s followers to your advantage! This may be the fastest way to grow especially if you are doing this frequently.

5. Promote a Contest / Giveaway

Since Instagram has the highest engagement, it naturally is the best place to run a contest or giveaway of your product or service or perhaps something else… like a NEW CAR! Just kidding, Oprah did that one already. (And it worked wonders for her brand with tons of free publicity.)

I recommend doing this once you built up enough followers to make it really work otherwise, you may waste your time. You don’t even need any special software or anything, just post your contest, tell them what they need to do to apply to win (such as tag 5 friends or start a hashtag trend or promote your profile on theirs, etc.) Then, you run that until you feel ready to give away the prize perhaps in a couple days or a week’s time. This should create a huge influx of new followers and excitement. Plus, your engagement of your followers will likely increase 10x at least for that week and even longer if you have great content to share and excited followers.

Watch My Full Video Insights

Recommended Tools for Instagram Marketing

Web Software:

Instamate – Create, Post, Schedule Your Instagram Accounts

Mobile Apps:

WordSwag – Create Quotes, Watermarks, and Post
Repost – Repost other Instagram Posts (Like a retweet)

Check out our full review of Instamate here:

Get Involved

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3 Common Facebook Ad Mistakes & How to Fix Them

I’ve been helping many marketers over the past couple years with their Facebook ads. I’ve gone through a number of accounts looking for what was done wrong and how to correct it.

You can say I have some personal experience to share with you on this subject. This just isn’t another cut and dry blog post out for SEO value. (Or at least I hope it won’t read like that!)

Here are the top three mistakes I see:

#1 – Targeting
#2 – Copy & Images
#3 – Funnel

Ok, so let’s tackle one at a time.

Mistake #1: Targeting

Know Who Will Buy What You are Selling.

Let me say that again.

Know Who Will Buy What You are Selling.

Create an Avatar. Become the buyer. Research, research, research.

We cover how to create an avatar in FB Ads Formula in more detail and I give you a handy template that you can swipe and use for yourself.

For times sake here, an avatar is simply a description of a mythical person who would buy your product or service. You can have multiple avatars, both men and women with different ages and different hobbies.

Quick Example: meRyan Shaw, M, 28, San Diego, United States. Interests & Hobbies : Online Marketing (Sub Niches of Video Marketing, Online Advertising, SaaS, SEO, etc), Online Gaming, Live Music, Tennis, Basketball

Likes : Mari Smith, Amy Porterfield, Tony Robbins, Ryan Deiss, Frank Kern, Jon Loomer, etc.


Use your existing data or industry data to find out what your target audience looks like, where they hang out, where they play.


Because you can use this data when deciding on targeting options within the Facebook Ads engine.

You could be selling a FB Ads course like ours and discover that your target audience also likes Tony Robbins and Reader’s Digest. It may be much cheaper to run an ad to an audience who likes Reader’s Digest than it is to Tony Robbins. Or perhaps, they like both… In this case, you would need a tool like Social Interest Freak to intersect those two separate audiences into one tight audience for targeting.

Mistake #2: Copy & Images

Most people are not professional copywriters. So it makes sense that many ads ran on Facebook just don’t catch the eye of the prospect which drops your CTR and increases your cost per click to a point where you can’t turn a profit.

Here’s some quick tips on how to improve your images and copy:

You can review the entire article mentioned in the video above here on Ads Espresso.

Mistake #3: Offers & Marketing Funnel

This is where the majority of the mistakes are made because its just not easy to create a great marketing funnel.

Here’s some of the elements needed to create a funnel that converts:

Free Offers to Entice the Prospects in:

These can include reports, giveaways, downloads, free trials, videos, a free consultation, and much more.

Main Offer that converts like crazy:

You must provide a ton of value, and that will provide an anchor for your business. (Example : Our main offer is FB Ads Formula but we have many other products and offers.)

Side Offers & Upsells:

You paid for traffic, so you need to monetize it completely. So, offer upsells to your main offers. Offer side offers that may not work as a direct upsell.

Partnership / Affiliate Offers:

You can always provide everything that your customers want to buy. Maybe you only sell information or coaching and you can partner with a software company. Or vice versa. Partnerships have led to me doubling my sales each month. Try it!

High Backend Program:

Offer high end programs for your paying customers. This can 4x your business. Think of Godaddy who has a ton of upsells. Think of Microsoft who gives away Windows 10 but offers high end services for businesses where they can make a crazy amount of recurring income each month. We offer a high end coaching program to help you create your online business for example that runs for $5k. That’s much more than our main product selling at $49.95 per month.

How to Find Information on Your Target Audience

There’s a few ways. I recommend getting as much info on your audience as possible. Do not skip this step!

Facebook Audience Insights
Twitter Insights
Google Trends
– Industry Data Companies
– Existing Customer List / Prospects

You can use data available to you online or use a company to find it for you. Better yet, do it within house and poll your existing customer list with Survey Monkey.

I use all the tools at my disposal and I already know my target audience. I suggest you do the same, especially in a niche that you may not be familiar with.

The Overall Winning Strategy of Targeting on Facebook

Okay, so here’s the only way to run Facebook Ads going forward that I found to give you a consistent result.

Step 1 : Identify your Audiences (Follow the advice above)

Step 2 : Setup as many split tests with those audiences (This could result in 100+ ads including different images, audiences, demographics, countries, etc. The possibility for testing can be huge. General rule of thumb is to test more options the bigger your budget and target audiences are.)

Step 3 : Funnel those audiences into a re-marketing list and give them a ton of value.

Step 4 : Have a re-marketing list for them to opt-out as well. (If they buy or unsubscribe)

Step 5 : Continue to grow your re-marketing list and customer list and use the power of your sales funnel to turn a profit.

Step 6 : Rinse and repeat.

Note: If you are not turning a positive ROI after following these steps, follow first on improving your sales funnel as this usually is the biggest key to success or failure. It’s actually not in running the ad at all.


It’s simply because if you have a GREAT product or service, people will flock to you whether or not your FB ads are great. Soon, you will have referral traffic and you won’t need to run ads. If your sales funnel and processes are bad, your customer service is bad, and your offers are bad… well, you can’t stand a chance.

How You Can 4x Your Sales Faster

Keep plugging away at improving your sales process each day and reap the benefits.

If you would like me to help you further, you have a few options available to you.

You can setup a time to consult with me on Skype and have a recording of our coaching call.

You can join our FB Ads Formula community for just $1 today and join our FB group to get access to the 1,200+ members in our community including myself and other FB ad professionals ready to assist in answering your questions.

You can do it completely on your own from here. (In this case, make sure to subscribe to our free content on Youtube and our blog here.)

I wish you the best success in the world.

I’d like to see this article hit 1000 shares. If we can hit 1,000 shares, I will release my next training program for free to all existing customers of FB Ads Formula!

Let’s light up the share button! (Leave a comment as well, I do respond fast.)

Our Trick to Allow Mass Add Friends on Facebook

When you’re looking to boost your friends list quickly with a lot of users with similar interests, we have a secret to help you do so.

I want to show you my trick about adding specific friends as targets on Facebook with a mass “Add friend” click Javascript script. This will help you gather friends on Facebook with similar interests and allow you to increase the momentum of your marketing strategy.

mass add friends

Step 1. Go to and type this on the FB search bar. See above image for an example.

People who are not my friends and like Marketing and Internet marketing

Note: You can modify this by just typing it manually or customize it on the right side. Look for “See more” – See also above image.

Step 2.

The CODE that you need to copy and paste on the CONSOLE tab (see Step 3 for instruction on how to go to CONSOLE using different browsers):

javascript:var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName('_42ft _4jy0 FriendRequestAdd addButton _4jy3 _517h'); for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) { inputs[i].click(); }

Step 3:

Paste the code and hit ENTER. Instructions for browsers:

For Chrome:

1. Press F12 on your keyboard and click the “Console” tab
2. Paste the code into the box at the bottom and press enter.

For Firefox:
1. Press CTRL + Shift + K
2. Paste the code into the box at the bottom and press enter.

For Internet Explorer:
1. Press F12 on your keyboard
2. Click the “Console” tab
7. Paste the code into the box at the bottom and press enter.

mass add friends

Note: IMPORTANT!  You’ll get a message from Facebook to type a Captcha to verify that you are a human. Do not abuse this method you might get banned on Facebook. Adding 50-70 friends a day is a good limit.