How to Use Facebook Lead Ads

It's called Facebook Lead Ads. Now, I've been known for a while for generating leads on Facebook. So naturally, I needed to dissect this new feature on the ads platform. So, it was time to watch the video: (You can click the video image to be sent to their official page.) Okay, great. So we can get data straight from Facebook users and have it for ourselves to market to. It looks something like this process:   Real World Case Studies Using Lead Ads “Initial tests on ... READ MORE

5 Ways to Generate Leads on Instagram

Do I Really Need Instagram? Before we jump head first into generating leads on Instagram, let's first talk about why Instagram matters. "There's already a ton of social media networks, why do we need one more?" - I hear this quite frequently. I'm sure you do as well or maybe have even said it. Heck, I may have said it a couple of times myself. As someone who is approaching 30, I just don't see the point in certain social media networks younger people are using like Snapchat. I used to ... READ MORE

3 Common Facebook Ad Mistakes & How to Fix Them

I've been helping many marketers over the past couple years with their Facebook ads. I've gone through a number of accounts looking for what was done wrong and how to correct it. You can say I have some personal experience to share with you on this subject. This just isn't another cut and dry blog post out for SEO value. (Or at least I hope it won't read like that!) Here are the top three mistakes I see: #1 - Targeting #2 - Copy & Images #3 - Funnel Ok, so let's tackle one at a ... READ MORE

William Meers

“I'd like to thank Ryan for the inspriration and push to FB Ads. I got my first sale in an hour!” ... READ MORE


“I'm already getting better results with FB Ads with better targeting and lower costs. I love it!” ... READ MORE

Our Trick to Allow Mass Add Friends on Facebook

When you're looking to boost your friends list quickly with a lot of users with similar interests, we have a secret to help you do so. I want to show you my trick about adding specific friends as targets on Facebook with a mass "Add friend" click Javascript script. This will help you gather friends on Facebook with similar interests and allow you to increase the momentum of your marketing strategy. Step 1. Go to and type this on the FB search bar. See above image for an ... READ MORE

BANNED: UID Scraper + Facebook?

Should I use a UID scraper with Facebook? It seems to be the question on everyone's mind this year with Facebook. With the recent crackdowns on Facebook UID tool owners over the past 3-6 months, it seems like Facebook is saying no to all tools that allow you to get any UID data from Facebook, even if you are using the API. There's been a new update as of Sept 11, 2014. Let's investigate the Terms of Service: (Link) Hmm, still confused? That's okay. Facebook is basically ... READ MORE

6 social media tools for any size businesses

Social media has become an essential part of the online marketing platform because of its large user base, unique user experience, and ability to interact with existing and potential customers. It is more essential now than ever to use tools that give you insight into your visitors, collect data that helps you improve your social media efforts, and make your marketing efforts more time efficient. We've assembled a list of 6 great social media tools that will make this job easier. Tool #1- ... READ MORE

What is a custom audience? Ever wonder what is a custom audience on Facebook and how to use it? This is what Custom Audience looks like: To create a custom audience, go to   •      Data File Custom Audience This is an option where you can upload user ID's. We are using a software called Social Lead Freak to extract user ID's from Facebook groups and pages. Take a close look on the image above. What if you have a FB ... READ MORE

How much does Facebook Ads cost? Facebook ads is affordable. In most cases running around 10 cents and other ads cost 75 cents per click. In real word of marketing, what’s more important is how much you’re earning for every time you get a click. We call it EPC. What is EPC (Earnings Per Click) Earnings per Click (EPC) is a mathematical formula used to determine the commissions earned per click in online advertising. It can be calculated by taking your commissions and dividing it by the total ... READ MORE